List of Summoners War Events

Summoners War often publish new events with interesting rewards for low, middle and end game players. Here you can find the updated list, with details for every event, hints, guides and tips to get the most from each one

Time to get Stronger - Train your monster Event

  • Active from 2017-02-27 to 2017-03-12
  • Status: Unactive
Train your Monster during the event to get various rewards! Event Schedule Event: Feb. 27th 12am PST - Mar. 12th 7:59am PDT(Rewards available until Mar. 13th 7:59am PDT) Train your Monster Event Details: Event 1. Collect Training Points and exchange w ..

New Monster Leaked - Unicorn Update Incoming!

  • Active from 2017-02-23 to 2017-03-15
  • Status: Open
New monsters leaked! More details coming soon! Unicorns will be implemented in Summoners War in the next big update. They have shown to be similar to Homunculus in the concept of skills (both very different from normal monsters in the game, each with 3 ..

Sweet Chocolate Gift Event

  • Active from 2017-02-13 to 2017-02-26
  • Status: Open
Happy Valentine's Day! Find Chocolates and get Valentine Girl Ellia along with various other gifts! Sweet Chocolate Gift Event Feb. 13th 12am - Feb. 26th 6:59am PST Rewards available until Feb. 27th 6:59am PST Sweet Chocolate Gift Event Details Even ..

February Hall of Heroes - Water Joker Sian

  • Active from 2017-02-10 to 2017-02-13
  • Status: Unactive
It's time for the Hall of Heroes! especially for Lushen skill ups :DThis time, the Water Joker Sian will be awaiting you at the Hall of Heroes!Event ScheduleFeb. 10th 12pm - Feb. 13th 12am- The Hall of Heroes will be available at the Cairos Dungeons durin ..

Summoners War Special 5-day Event!

  • Active from 2017-01-26 to 2017-01-31
  • Status: Unactive
Summoners War will be holding a special 5-day event, including Bonus Wishes, 2x Burning Time, Unlimited Energy, and Bonus Daily Energy Event, starting Jan. 26th! Please see below for more info on the event and make sure to take advantage of this great op ..

January 2017 All Attribute Dungeons Open!

  • Active from 2017-01-27 to 2017-01-30
  • Status: Unactive
Play in all the Attribute Dungeons all day long and meet all 5 Attribute Guardians! All Attribute Dungeons Open Event Schedule From Jan.​ 27th 12am - Jan.​ 30th 12am *Based on the server time - Global(PST), Asia(TST), Europe(CET) How to participate D ..

Trial of Ascension Free Entrance Event!

  • Active from 2017-01-28 to 2017-01-29
  • Status: Unactive
The Free Entrance Event for the Trial of Ascension has begun! Don't worry about Energy consumption and keep progressing ahead! Check out our guide for ToA! Trial of Ascension Free Entrance Event Details - Jan. 28th - Jan. 29th - No Energy will be con ..

2017 Ellia's Refund Event

  • Active from 2017-01-31 to 2017-02-12
  • Status: Unactive
Ellia's Refund Event is back once again! Use Energy, Mana Stones, and Crystals every day and get a refund!  Don't miss out on this great opportunity! 2017 Ellia's Refund Event Schedule Jan. 31st 12am - Feb. 12th 6:59am PST Rewards available unti ..

Let’s get stronger! 2017 Power-up Stone Event

  • Active from 2017-01-16 to 2017-01-29
  • Status: Unactive
The first Power-up Stone Event of 2017 has begun! Collect points in dungeons and scenario to get Power-up Stones and various rewards during the event! Power-Up Stone 2017 Event Schedule The Event stars on January. 16th at 12am and ends on January 29th 7 ..

January 2017 Hall of Heroes - Barque Wind Pirate Captain

  • Active from 2017-01-13 to 2017-01-16
  • Status: Unactive
It's time for the Hall of Heroes! This time, the 4 star natural Wind Pirate Captain - Barque will be awaiting you at the Hall of Heroes!  Clear the dungeon to summon this monster! Hall of Heroes Barque Wind Pirate Captain Event Schedule Jan. 13th ..

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