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Lyn (Light Amazon) is a great attack monster in Summoners War. She is a three star natural monster that has an unique skillset in the game: all her skills deal damage based on target's max HP. This implies that she is great to use against Dungeon Bosses. These skill deal more damage if she crits, so it is mandatory to build her with lots of crit rate and crit damage: ideally the light amazon needs to be built with 100% crit rate and as much as crit damage you can get. In order to do that, Rage and Blade rune sets are the best oprion here, with the 4th slot on crit damage (and hopefully a six star rune, to maximize the crit damage). Moreover, Lyn's third skill stuns the target with 100% chance and it deals more damage if the target is immune to stun effect (keep in mind that all bosses are immune to stun). She is very good to use in [...] Read full Lyn Review

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Kujedan Profile Image
28 April 2018 09:53

Need to be solid build to resist ToA/ToAH Boss stages, if you have good runes then she is a game changer unit

Therenas Profile Image
17 November 2017 00:09
Lyn is a mob that alows you attack oponents with high HP and also stuns, specially for bosses....
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Cherrychola Profile Image
11 July 2018 19:10

Mara is bae - runed her Fatal / Blade - ATK/HP/ATK with CR and CD sub stats. Love her. 

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