Archangel Summoners War

Ariel is one of the best Healer in Summoners war. With two heal-type skills he is considered on top 3 healers in game. [...] Read full Ariel Review
Artamiel is a great support tank in Summoners War. He can remove beneficial effect on the first skill. He has also a heal on second skill, then a passive third skill that allows him to counterattack whenever an ally is hit by critical hit. Moreover this skill increase Artamiel's defense up to 5 times whenever he is hit. Artamiel is often built as a pvp tanky bruiser: with the new World Arena content he shines in this role as he can self sustain and even solo sometimes an entire team. In oredr to do that build him with a lot of defense even in substats and use himself as a leader in order to gain 50% increased HP (on light monsters) or try to use some +33% defense leaderskill kind of monsters such as [...] Read full Artamiel Review

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