Randy (Fire Bounty Hunter) is a good attack monster in Summoners War. He has a great third skill that increases critical rate and defense for all allies for three turns. Also Randy has a good leaderskill that grants a 16% increase of speed to all allies in Guild Battles: this two features make him a good monster to use in Guild Battles in teams with defense based damage dealer like Copper or Bulldozer. Also, his first and second skill are good to make some damage to the opponent: the first one has a chance to ignore the enemy's defense and the second one has a chance to proc and attack again (with no limits on the times it can proc consecutively, given that you have less HP than the target, as the skill description says). He is very good to use also in [...] Read full Randy Review

Suggested Runes

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Wayne (Water Bounty Hunter) is a good monster in Summoners War. He is often used as a Bernard replacement in PvP, since he provides attack bar buff and speed buff for all allies on the same skill, despite the fact that he has less base speed. Hoever Wayne has two other skills that can deal a good amount of damage: the first skill is a double hit on single target that can ingnore defense with 25% chance with each hit. The second skill hits with 2 arrows the target and can attack again with 30% chance; moreover, the skill will be reactivated again with a 50% chance if the enemy has more HP than Wayne. This last skill can be very good against Necropolis Boss, beause Wayne can hit so many times that he can break the boss'passive shield with just this attack. He is good to use in some PvP team compositions, also thanks to his leaderskill that gives all allies a good 30% bonus to attack. Wayne Rune Build PvP build: Swift/Will - SPD / %Crit Dmg / %ATK with good speed attack crit rate and crit damage substats [...] Read full Wayne Review
Roger (Wind Bounty Hunter) is a good attack monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Roger Review
Walkers (Light Bounty Hunter) is a great pvp monster in Summoners War. He is mainly used in Guild Wars thanks to his leaderskill which grants 23% attack speed to light monsters. With assault battles he became even more useful because you can use him in the 4 star max bases. Pair Walkers with Kabilla for attack bar buff and some other light monster like Driller (as a tanky damage dealer) and you'll hame a pretty good team for guild wars. Walkers deals pretty decent damage and has a great skillset for pvp 3vs3. You need to build him fast, with good damage and decent accuracy to make him effective. Use the second skill to strip immunity on the target; this skill will also increase your attack bar by 50%. If you have enough speed you can expect to have another turn and use the third skill against the strippe [...] Read full Walkers Review

Suggested Runes

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Jamie (Dark Bounty Hunter) is a good utility attack monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Jamie Review

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