Dragon knight Summoners War

Laika is a great PvP monster in Summoners War. He is also great at farming if you build him with Vampire runes: you can use him to solo some scenario stages with only wind attribute monsters. Laika is a great monster to use in PvP defense thanks to his passive skill which mitigates the incoming damage at 35% of his Max HP and he has 50% chance to revenge. Additionally his attacks doesn't land as glancing hits. Runed with Vampire set, he has a bit of life-sustain that can make him very difficult to kill: many times he can solo some teams with wind element attack monsters like Lushen [...] Read full Laika Review
Leo in one of the best Pvoffense monsters in the game. With his passive, the speed of all monsters, both enemies and allies, is capped at Leo's speed value and leo moves first. For example if all monsters have 200 total speed and leo has 120 speed, then all monster will have 120 speed, but Leo will move first. Additionally Leo will decrease the attack bar of the target of all his attacks by 10%. Take also in account that the turn order of the monster that play after Leo is determined by the total speed (as it usually is): that means that you want to have good speed with other monsters even if the speed value is capped. However, skill that deals damage based on attack speed are less [...] Read full Leo Review

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