Raoq (Fire Inugami) is a good attack monster in Summoners War and you can find him pretty easily in Faimon Volcano scenario. Raoq is pretty useful for early game and new players: it is a keeper in secret dungeons (cause it can solo lower stages) and in farming if runed with lot of attack. Good set runes for Fire Inugami, available since the early game, are Fatal and Blade sets with lot of attack and crit damage. Later you can switch to Violent and Revenge set runes: this build can be very fun and useful since theese rune's procs will over [...] Read full Raoq Review
Icaru (Water Inugami) is a food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Icaru Review
Ramahan (Wind Inugami) is a food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Ramahan Review
Belladeon is one of the most useful support monster in Summoners War. Bella, as he is often referred to, is farmable through collecting pieces for his summon in the Secret Dungeon discoverable by completing the Light Dungeon available on sundays. So if you're a low level player and just started to play Summoners War we strongly suggest you get him! The Light Inugami is a very versatile monster that can be used anywhere from arena and guild wars - both attack and defense - to dungeon, TOA and he can even find some place in Raid Battle. He has to be as fast as possible and keep on attacking, to reduce third skil [...] Read full Belladeon Review

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KainMH3 Profile Image
14 May 2017 07:50
People rune him Swift in early game, but I don´t like it at all. Turn into Violent as soon as possible. Standard Build should be SPD/HP/HP Violent/Revenge, but I´m using SPD/HP/DEF instead. The extra Defense lets Bella be a Raid frontline and also a good support in Elemental Rift frontline. Get as many SPEED as you can, make him tanky and do not forget to give him some ACCURACY, 25% at least, cause if not it would be hard to get Def Break with the first skill. Concerning skills, use SEIZE wisely as can be a game changer, i.e. debuffing Rakan so other units can stun or Def break him. Remember the 4 turn cooldown of the Mobilize skill and bear in mind you cant just spam it, think when is the best moment to either hear or increase the attack bar. Very good monster, A MUST HAVE for every player and the best 3* monster in the game along with Bernard.
bestsummoner Profile Image
28 November 2016 08:23
must have! vio/revenge for necro, raid if his defense is enough. Also keep it for db10 (seize is a good strip choice) and also for arena defense if you don't have better mobs. Saw a G2 belladeon with > 35k HP and 200spd and it was really annoying
Kro (Dark Inugami) is a good attack monster in Summoners War. He has a first skill like other Inugami but he's better since he is dark element, because his attack doesn't glance and so he is more like to apply the defense break debuff. The second skill makes him attack with another random ally: this skill can be very effective since he defense breaks with his attack and if the ally that attacks with Kro is a good damage dealer (like Perna or Theomars) this combo can be davastating on the opponent. But Kro's best skill is the third one which can do tr [...] Read full Kro Review

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