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Iron (Fire Living Armor) is food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Iron Review
Nickel (Water Living Armor) is food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Nickel Review
Copper (Wind Living Armor) is a great defense tank monster in Summoners War. Living Armor Wind is one of the best defense tank in the game Copper can do a lot of damage with his skill set: with second skill he defense breaks all anemies for two turns with 80% chance with 3 turns cooldown on max skillup and with his third skill he ignores defense if the target has less than 50% of Copper's defense. All his skill's damage scale up with his defense, so it's recommended to build him with Guard runes to make him do very high damage with his third skill. He is very good in Arena Defense with some def [...] Read full Copper Review
Silver (Light Living Armor) is food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Silver Review
Zinc (Dark Living Armor) is good defense tank in Summoners War. Zinc is a very good nat 3 light and dark monster. He has 2 AoE skills that make him suitable for Despair rune set: the second skill is a mass defense break with 50% chance and the damage of this skill scales up with Zinc's defense. All Zinc's skill actually scale up with his defense, so he is very good to rune with defense% on slot 2 and 6 and crit damage on rune 4, or eventually speed on rune 2 and defense on rune 4 and 6. The third skill is a three hit skill on all enemies that also block beneficial effects and attack breaks with 70% chamce on max skill up. Being a Living Ar [...] Read full Zinc Review

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