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KainMH3 Profile Image
23 September 2017 12:19

Now that I can share links, I´d like to show a couple of images of my Silver build. Why? well, because I think a lot of people don´t really know how to properly rune him and they miss that this is a very difficult monster to rune as he needs a lot of stats to be high. Lots of people rune him all DEf, loosing a lot of damage because of the lack of CrDam. Others have their Silver too slow to be a threat, and others simply don´t match the minimum of HP needed to use him in R5 front line wich is IMO around 20K HP.

So, it´s not to show off, but to share the pics of a very well balanced build that matches high HP, good DEF, CrRat, CrDamage and a very decent SPD. If you can get something similar, try him in R5 and you will have a strong defender that can deal lot of damage and place some useful debuffs in the hidra.



KainMH3 Profile Image
16 February 2017 11:57
.... he´s nearly as good as Isabelle but much more difficult to kill. Now the problem with Silver in PVP is Speed. Mine is 140 Speed and I find him too slow to fight in Conqueror 1/2 Arena and Guardian 1/2 GW. There are people who claim to use Silver in Guardian Arena and G3 GW, with only +11 SPD, and personally, I do not believe it. So if you plan to use Silver as a PvP nuker, try to give him a good speed or héll be dead before attacking. well that´s all. My apologies if this have taken too long, but I´m pretty satisfied with my Silver´s performance and I wanted to share it with other summoners. I hope you can find this review interesting. May the procs be with you!
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