Mystic Witch

Rebecca the Fire Mystic Witch is an highly situational monster, most of the time overrated for her on-the-paper skills especially in Raids where there's no reason to build her instead of Konamiya (Water Garuda), infact she heals a little bit more than him but with a higher cooldown, her first skill debuff doesn't apply to the boss and her second skill cannot apply a defense break with 100% rate because this boss doesn't buff itself.Despite all the hate for her in other situation we find her suitable as any other natural 3 star, in arena she's good against enemies that applies many debuffs thanks to her third skill that scales based on the the number of debuffs, [...] Read full Rebecca Review
Megan (Water Mystic Witch) is one of the best natural three star monster Summoners War: she is used mainly for PvP and she is also good for Dragon Dungeon B10. Her first skill is puts continous damage on the target, her second skill removes one beneficial effect on the target plus blocks beneficial effects on the target and her third skill is an AoE buff to all allies increasing attack power, defense and attack bar by 20%. thanks for this last skill she is used as a sppedy buffer on arena increasing chance for your team to attack first. She is used both on PVP attack and defense, mainly alongside with a AoE nuker like Lushen-Wind Joker (M [...] Read full Megan Review
Silia (Wind Mystic Witch) is a food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Silia Review
Linda (Light Mystic Witch) is a good utility attack monster in Summoners War. Linda is a very good monster to use in ToA since she has two AoE skills, the second and the third one. Her second skill is a mass defense break, with 100% chance activation if the enemy has beneficial effects. The third skill is a multi hit attack that also protects the lowest HP ratio ally with soul protection effect. Linda is good on Despair build since she has two AoE skills, besides she won't glance because she is light element. Linda Rune Build ToA build: Despair/ [...] Read full Linda Review
Gina (Dark Mystic Witch) is a good crowd control monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Gina Review

Mystic Witch Videos

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