Baretta (Fire Sylph) is a fusionable great attack monster in Summoners War. Baretta is relatively easy to get since the early stages of Summoners War: all you have to do is to fuse four 4-star awakened monsters in the Fusion Hexagram: Mei-Fire Martial Cat, Fao-Fire Serpent, Lukan-Wind Salamander and Sharron-Water Magical Archer.He is one of the best ToA monster in Summoners War: his third skill is an AoE damage plus double countinous damage and paired with Despair rune set is very usefull in stages full of enemy mobs (not only great in TOA, but also in dungeon).His second skill comes in hands when used against bosses (attack bar reducer to 0) and has a high damage multiplier - look for the damage output expecially if Baretta is builded with high crit rate/damage stats. Baretta has a very good leaderskill [...] Read full Baretta Review

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Tyron (Water Sylph) is a great crowd control attack monster in Summoners War. Tyron has two AoE skills: the second skill is a 2 hit to all enemies inflicting relatively small amount of damage (small multipliers on this one) but each attack has 50% chance to put glancing hit effect on targets on max skill up. The third skill is a AoE freeze with 100% chance with 5 turn cooldown with skill at max level. Having two multi target skill Tyron is very good when runed with Despair set and Focus set runes to increase chance to stun the enemies. Moreover Tyron has a great leaderskill, increasing attack speed of all allies everywhere by 19%. All this set of ability and build make tyron a perfect monster to use in ToA (also valuable as leader) and PvP [...] Read full Tyron Review

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Sepheroth420 Profile Image
17 November 2017 19:05
tyrone is a useful mon for his Hailstorm, S3. He CCs and gives other teamates oppertunity to nuke while immoble. 
KainMH3 Profile Image
17 November 2017 02:32
@Therenas use him as leader and rune him DESPAIR if you can farm good runes. He will help you to advance both PvE and PvP. If you cant farm Despair runes just use Swift meanwhile.
Shimitae (Wind Sylph) is a good single target nuker in Summoners War featured in the June 2017 Hall of Heroes, he is a multipurpose nuker suitable for PvE and PvP content (especially for his speed leader skill and huge damage multipliers), if found in early game he could be a really game changer and in comparison to other nukers, Shimitae have also a high base HP. but let's see why is he good in details. Shimitae in Giant B10 The wind sylph is a good alternative to Lagmaron and Double-Lushen Giant Dungeon teams if paired with Galleon.If you runed Shimitae properly, his third skill can deal great damage due to its high damage multiplier (estimated multiplier value is 730%) and his second skill offers AoE nuking capabilities that really deserves building. After the 2016 buff he brings speed debuff on third skill, that is a nice to have c [...] Read full Shimitae Review
Eredas (Light Sylph) is a nice crowd control monster in Summoners War. With 2 AoE skills Eredas is a nice pick for ToA: you can build him with Deaspair Rune set to maximize the chance to stun the enemies. The second skill is like Tyrion's one, hitting two times and putting glancing hit effect on enemies. The third skill hits all enemies four times and has 30% chance to stun them for every hit on max skill up. Moreover his leaderskill can be very good in dungeon since it buffs ally speed by 24% which is pretty nice and using him in Necropolis dungeon can be good since he hits multiple times, despite for this purpose it would be better to use him on [...] Read full Eredas Review

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Ashubel (Dark Sylph) is a good crowd control monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Aschubel Review

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