Garoche (Fire Werewolf) is a food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Garoche Review
Vigor (Water Werewolf) is a good HP tank monster in Summoners War. Vigor is good since the earliest stage of the game, beeing of water element and with self sustain coming from heal skill, he can help in the beginning at farming Faimon Scenarios. He has a good heal skill, the second one, that also buffs the attack speed of all allies, a skill that is reusable in 3 turns when max skillupped. Build him with speed, he will recover turns much faster and Vigor will be able to heal more often. If you're a new player and you wanna build Vigor we reccomend you to build him with Energy runes because he has a third that deals damage proportionate to his Max HP. Also, he is nice in PvP especially Guild Battles in the early game, thanks to his leaderskill (21% attack power to all allies in Guild Battle) and if you build him on Violent run [...] Read full Vigor Review
Shakan (Wind Werewolf) is a fusion food monster in Summoners War. [...] Read full Shakan Review
Eshir (Light Werewolf) is a great pvp monster in Summoners War. He is used in Guild Wars, both defense and offense. Eshir is very good as a Theomars counter since he does multiple hits with his third skill and with each of them he can remove a beneficial effect on target. So, on Theomars he can kill him, then procs the endure state and with other hits he can kill him. Eshir Rune Build PvP: Violent/Energy - %HP / %Crit DMG / %HP or SPD / %Crit DMG / %HP or SPD / %HP / %HP with lots of %HP speed and accuracy substats [...] Read full Eshir Review

Suggested Runes

To see details about this rune-set on Eshir consult the full review
Jultan (Dark Werewolf) is a great pvp monster in Summoners War. His main utility is found in Arena Defense and Guild War Defense due to is tankiness and huge damage reflecting passive skill. But it's very useful even in GWO especially for his leader skill if paired with a pure nuker and a healer You can have a taste of how much is annoying in Toa Hard especially in floors major or equal to 56 where he's teamed up with four Kumae to clear Jultan Floor in Toa you need AoE Dotters that doesn't touch the enemies like Thrain the Dark Grim Reaper or Hemos the Water Grim Reaper Also keep in mind that Kumae and Jultan can deal pretty good damage but all of them are Dark monsters, so if you can bring a tricky Light monster like Neal she can cast invicibility on herself for two turns so all the enemies will be busy attacking her. Jultan (Darl Werewolf) Suggested Runes Tank - Full [...] Read full Jultan Review

Suggested Runes

To see details about this rune-set on Jultan consult the full review

Last Comments

KainMH3 Profile Image
24 February 2018 14:02

Very nice monster to have and use. His passive is very fun as it can heavily damage opponents and if Jultan is tanky enough the Contaminated Blood can be a real pain.

Concerning runes, just use SPD on position2 and go as tanky as possible. This monster accepts nearly any combination of runes, he´s not demanding anything but speed and HP. However, I´d like to drop here my choice: RAGE RUNES. As S2 damage is HP scaled and Jultan is a tank, if you give him a decent CrRate and a good set of Rage, he can deal unexpected damage with his second skill, so not just a tank with a nice passive, but also a monster that can hit hard, and place some good debuffs like Heal Block and Def break.
Try the Rage set if you have a chance, I swear is really amazing.

Azzeal43 Profile Image
18 October 2017 11:18
Insert evil laugh MUAHAHAHAHA!!! whenever an opponent commits crittercide on my Jultan.

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