Devilmon Dark review

Is a natural 1 star material monster: Stats, sources, skills and drop rates of Devilmon dark

  • Monster Type: material

Devilmon dark awakening materials:

General review and description of dark Devilmon

What is Devilmon

Devilmon is a Material Monster in Summoners War that power up skills when given as food.

Where can I find Devilmons

You can buy Devilmons at the glory shop at the cost of 180 glory points (glory points can be earned by playing arena matches). You can also get Devilmons as World Boss reward and in some occasional events. You can buy one devilmon per week, once the Arena resets, a new devilmon can be bought.

Also, you can drop one Devilmon in the Devilmon Garden, a special dungeon that opens sometimes during the year

How to use Devilmons

Go to the Power-up Circle, select the monster you want to skill-up, then use Devilmon as power-up material.

When to use Devilmons

You should use Devilmons to skill up skills of natural 5 star monsters like Veromos, since they are the hardest to get. Occasionally it can be good to use them for good non-fusable natural 4 star monsters like Chasun, Emma or Lushen

Name and description of dark Devilmon's skills

Forbidden Ingredient (Passive)
Increases the Skill Level of the monster by 1 when used as Power-up material.

How to get Dark Devilmon

Devilmon Cave (Event)
Glory Shop
Trial of Ascension
World Boss