Endure Summoners War

Unable to be killed. HP will not go below 1. Useful buff on all kind of monsters, especially on Raid battles. Noticeable examples: Theomars (self-casted with passive third skill), Fedora with endure buff on all allies. Endure effect can be dispelled.
Theomars water

( Water)

  • Continuous DMG (Mega Smash)
  • Decrease DEF (Triple Crush)
  • Endure (Elemental King (Passive))
Perna fire

( Fire)

  • Stun (Arcane Blast)
  • Endure (Eternity (Passive))
Fedora water

( Water)

  • Unrecoverable (Deadly Blow)
  • Decrease ATK (Check and Destroy)
  • Decrease DEF (Check and Destroy)
  • Endure (Decline)
Garo fire

( Fire)

  • Continuous DMG (Ninja Stars)
  • Stun (Dragon Attack)
  • Endure (Narrow Escape (Passive))
Hwadam light

( Light)

  • Decrease ATK (Fake Attack)
  • Increased chances of missing (Fake Attack)
  • Endure (Secretive Guard (Passive))