2019 Power-up Stone Event

2019 Power-up Stone Event


Upgrade your runes! A special Power-up Stone Event will begin shortly.


Gather rune points every day to get Power-up Stones and craft Runes!

You can also craft an Immemorial Grindstone and Gem based on the number of Runes you crafted!


Please read below for more info.


■ Event Schedule

- Jan. 30th 6pm - Feb. 17th 6:59am PST

Rewards available until Feb. 18th 6:59am PST

Power-up Stones expire on Mar. 3rd 6:59am PST


■ Event Details

Event 1. Gather the points every day to get Power-up Stones!

You can get 1 Power-up Stone for 15 rune points. (Up to 10 Power-up Stones a day)


[How to collect points] 


1) Runes: Points vary by the number of Stars

1~3★: 2pts

4★: 4pts

5★: 5pts

6★: 6pts


2) Grindstones & Gems: Points vary by the grade

Normal/Magic/Rare: 5pts

Hero: 6pts

Legend: 8pts


3) Using Items: Grindstones & Reappraisal Stones & Gems (Point acquisition varies by the type of items used)

Grindstone & Gem: 5pts

Reappraisal Stone: 10pts


* You can collect up to 150 rune points every day.


Event 2. Gather 150 points every day to get [100 Energy + 100,000 Mana Stones]!


Event 3. Craft Runes with the accumulated points!

Craft a 5 - 6★ Rune (rare grade or higher) with 150 rune points!

(Up to 14 Runes during the event)


Event 4. Craft an Immemorial Gem/ Immemorial Grindstone (Hero grade) based on the number of Runes crafted!

When crafting, you can select a property of your choice.


Crafted 7 runes - Can craft an Immemorial Gem

Crafted 14 runes - Can craft an Immemorial Grindstone


Event 5. Get rewards based on the total points you collected during the event!

150pts: 1 Mystical Scroll

400pts: 20 Ancient Coins

700pts: 4★ Rainbowmon x1

1,000pts: 30 Ancient Coins

1,300pts: 100 Summoning Stones

1,600pts: 3 Attribute Scrolls (Fire/Water/Wind)

2,000pts: 1 Devilmon


<What are the Power-up Stones?>

The [rune power-up success rate will be increased by 2 times] when you use the Power-up Stones!

Check the power-up stone before tapping the [Power-up or Auto Power-up] Button!


<What are the Immemorial Grindstones/ Immemorial Gems?>

1) Immemorial Grindstone

The item can be used on all types of Runes. You can amplify the sub-properties of Runes.

2) Immemorial Gem

The item can be used on all types of Runes. You can change the sub-properties of Runes.


Please Read!

- [Points Collected Today] will reset every day at 7am PST.

- You can collect only up to 150pts for [Points Collected Today] and up to 10 Power-up Stones a day.

- Runes acquired via Magic Shop and Achievements won't count.

- 150pts will be deducted when you craft a Rune, and up to 14 Runes can be crafted during the event.

- You can craft an Immemorial Gem when you crafted 7 Runes and an Immemorial Grindstone when you crafted 14 Runes. You can't change your decision once you craft the items.

- The Power-up Stones will expire on Mar. 3rd 6:59am PST. Please make sure to use all Power-up Stones before they expire.

- The event rewards will be available for another 24 hours when the event ends.

- Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays. 

- Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox. 

- The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in. 


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