Black Friday Event

Black Friday Event
Greetings from Com2uS!

We'll be holding a Black Friday Event!
Please see below for more info.

■ Event Schedule
Nov. 21st 7pm - Dec. 3rd 6:59am PST
Rewards available until Dec. 4th 6:59am PST

EVENT 1. Premium Pack Event
Purchase a Premium Pack I to get an additional [Mystical Scroll] during the event!

Get rewards for the first [5 Premium Packs] you purchase!

1 time: 1 Mystical Scroll
2 times: 10 Ancient Coins
3 times: 2 Mystical Scrolls
4 times: 20 Ancient Coins
5 times: 3 Attribute Scrolls (Fire/Water/Wind)

EVENT 2. Bonus Event
Collect in-game currencies during the event and get them once more as rewards!

<Bonus Currencies>
50,000 Mana Stones
300 Glory Points
300 Guild Points
※ Mana Stones will be given in units of 50,000 and Glory Points/ Guild Points in units of 50.
※ Mana Stones and Glory Points/ Guild Points acquired from this event won't count for the "Acquired Amount".

EVENT 3. Black Friday Shop Open
It will be available when you enter the Shop > Special in the game after the v5.2.0 update.
Please check out the event page for the list of items!​

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