Halloween Special Surprise Event

Halloween Special Surprise Event

Another Halloween event is coming up!

Enter the Light & Dark Secret Dungeon that opens every day and enjoy the Transmogrifications.

Please see below for the details.

Event 1. Daily Halloween Secret Dungeon Open

■ Event

Oct. 24th 12pm - Nov. 1st 11:59am (server time)

■ Secret Dungeon Schedule

Oct. 24th 12pm - Oct. 25th 12pm: 1★ Dark Ghost 

Oct. 25th 12pm - Oct. 26th 12pm: 1★ Dark Mimick

Oct. 26th 12pm - Oct. 27th 12pm: 1★ Dark Horned Frog

Oct. 27th 12pm - Oct. 28th 12pm: 1★ Dark Sandman

Oct. 28th 12pm - Oct. 29th 12pm: 2★ Dark Monster Flower

Oct. 29th 12pm - Oct. 30th 12pm: 2★ Dark Surprise Box

Oct. 30th 12pm - Oct. 31st 12pm: 1★ Dark Low Elemental

Oct. 31st 12pm - Nov. 1st 12pm: 2★ Light Surprise Box

* You can also get [50 Energy] when you clear each Secret Dungeon for the first time!

Event 2. Halloween Special Transmogrification Event

■ Event

Oct. 30th 8am - Nov. 1st 12am PDT

■ Event Details

Your Monsters will be transmogrified to celebrate Halloween.

※ Please Note

- The special Transmogrifications will be applied only on Monsters that are available for Transmogrification.

- If a Monster has 2 or more Transmogrifications, the most recent Transmogrification will be applied.

- Transmogrifications given as World Arena Season rewards are excluded.

- Please note that you won't be able to cancel the Transmogrification while the event is being held.

- Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

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