Summoners War Homunculus Update

Summoners War Homunculus Update
Once the Rift of Worlds was opened, We had no choice but to bring back, A dark and forbidden summoning magic, Once locked away in the deepest depths of the world. Such was its terror. Have we unleashed our own demise?

Homunculus Update has been Released!

And we have released Homunculus Details for the first Fire Attack type

Homunculus Update Details

The new update is coming and with it the new Homunculus monster, register at the following link to reiceve exclusive rewards and additional informations about the next big thing by com2us Homunculus update event registration

Summoners War Homunculus Update Release Date

The new update, with Homunculus, Raid Dungeons, Crafting, Crystal dragon and more will be released in September, the official release date will be probably available from september 5th, when the Special Fall Trip Event will start.

As you can see in the Special Fall Trip Event page, you can collect bonus points also from firend with level 40+, meaning that players can be more than lvl 40 during this event.

Special Fall Trip Event will start from September 5th and will end at 20th of September

Homunculus Update Additional Informations

Here we provide the additional informations you need, whats new (not only the homunculus!) and some screenshots from the developers

Homunculus Monster

He will be a monster claimed to be very important in the game, here is the full body image preview of it

Homunculus Features

Homunculus is a natural 5 star Attack Type Monster with 3 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill.

Homunculus can be summoned from the Craft Building, and the materials required for summoning can be acquired from the Rift Dungeon.

You can name the Homunculus. (It doesn't have a name in its awakened form). You can select the skill you want and Evolve the Homunculus via Skill Evolution, and each stage of the Evolution requires materials. 

You can Level up, Evolve, Awaken, and Power-up the Homunculus the same way as you did for the previous Monsters.

You can reset the Skill Evolution and select the skills again.

The Skill Reset requires a designated amount of materials.

You can Evolve without using additional materials after the reset up to the level where the skill has been Evolved.

The Level, Evolution status, Awakening status, Skill Level, and Runes will be kept even when you reset Homunculus. The Awakening status will be kept even if you change the attribute.

Homunculus will possess the Fire Attribute when you first summon it, and you can change the attribute at the 1st stage of the Skill Evolution (Only Fire/Water/Wind Attribute exists).

Homunculus will acquire the Passive Skill through Awakening and the Skill Evolution only applies to the 3 Active Skills. Homunculus doesn't have a Leader Skill.

Homunculus Attribute and Skill Evolution

1st Stage: Skill 1 will be Evolved during this stage, and you can also decide the attribute at this stage. 

 You can either keep the Fire Attribute as it is, or change to the Water/Wind Attribute. 

Ex) Skill 1 of the Homunculus that's summoned for the first time is Magic Ray

 You can either Evolve this skill to Flame Ray without changing its attribute, 

 or you can also change the attribute to Water and Evolve the skill to Frost Ray.

2nd Stage: You can Evolve Skill 1 from the previous stage once again. (New effect)

Ex) You can Evolve the Frost Ray skill to Frost Ray - Fluctuate 

 that possesses a wide-range freezing effect with a designated success rate, 

 or Frost Ray - Purify that can remove the buffs and freezes the enemy with a designated success rate.

3rd Stage: You can Evolve Skill 2 to one of 2 skills which will determine the direction of the future Evolutions.

4th Stage: You can Evolve Skill 2 to one of 2 skills again. 

5th Stage: You can Evolve Skill 3 to one of 2 skills. 

Homunculus Restrictions

You can only possess 1 Homunculus per type.For instance, you can't possess 2 Attack Type Homunculus and Evolve them in different ways.

However, a different type of Homunculus might be added to the game one day!

Homunculus can't be used for Defense in the Arena or in the Guild Battle. It's a shame that you can't use Homunculus in all content, but it might be a stress 

for the users to check the Homunculus Skill every time they are confronted with it.

Additionally, both you and your opponent won't be able to use Homunculus in the Live Arena Test Service to minimize the confusion as the Live Arena is still in the testing phase.

New Raid Dungeon (Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Dark)

Five new dungeons will be released around the Rift of Worlds and they will drop five new Runes type 

Runes Crafting System


It will be a new panel made for upgrading Buildings, Runes, Decorations, Homunculus and other brand new Content using materials and items droppable from the Scenario Hell Mode, Cairos Dungeon (5F or higher), and the Rift Dungeon.
The craft building required to access the new content will be available from Level 19 and it will be called School of Magic Research Center 

Player MAX level Increased 


The player Max Level will be raised from 40 to 50 and the max energy will be raised probably to 90, also three new sky island expansions will be available (because more buildings require more space :). Here is the last sneak peak from com2us

So now the hype is at its maximum, stay tuned with us and wait for this new huge update!

And don't forget to take a look to the official video by com2us



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