Light Paladin Summoners War Fusion Recipe

Light Paladin Summoners War Fusion Recipe

Light Paladin Fusion Recipe and Anticipations

Breaking news (28th september 2017): Light Paladin has been released!

Hello Summoners! Today Com2US released the official developer's note reguarding the new Five star fusion monster "Light Paladin", she's a female character, with skillset mainly oriented on protecting Allies.

As now (22 September 2017) we know all the monsters needed to get her, including a new attribute for an existing one obtainable only by Secret Dungeon, Loren (Light Cow Girl) , the other units will be Wind Kung-Fu Girl who was already part of the hexagram, Fire Harp Magician and Water Samurai.

We also want to remember that the light paladin is part of a long roadmap for the 2017 of new content and changes declared officially from Com2Us:

- Opening of the Dimensional Hole (PvE content)
- 3-way Guild Wars (PvP content), probably coming at the end of 2017
- Super Angelmon and Evolution Force out of the special packs (rewards?)
- Increased RTA rewards especially for low-ranking players

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Your opinions

bestsummoner Profile Image
22 September 2017 09:30
Woo! I'll bet she will be pretty similar to Archangels! Can't wat to have one!
Sepheroth420 Profile Image
23 September 2017 00:22
im exited about her. i already have most of the food. just need that light cowgirl
KainMH3 Profile Image
23 September 2017 15:27

I´m not going to get mad about her right now. Getting the cow girl is gonna be mad during the first weeks, and I´m too old to be begging in the channels LOL.

Well, the real reason is that I still need 9 devilmons to full skill Eladriel and Charlotte and I´m not going to worry about the Paladin till I have all my nat5s full skilled. I´ll save the food of course, I´m alredy doing it, but definitely she´s not my priority right now.

evil Profile Image
23 September 2017 15:46
I think i'll wait for her skills to be officially published. I have all the food already but i can't prioritize her without knowing her skillse
KainMH3 Profile Image
23 September 2017 15:49
I really doubt she will be a game changer, but I expect something better than the L/D Homunculus wich is very dissappointing in my opinion. At least something you can use like the Panda, wich is not a must have like Veromos but still can have great utility in neccro, raids and even PvP.
evil Profile Image
23 September 2017 15:55
Agreed! Couldn't get any utility on LD homunculus too. Also someone knows something about light paladin release date? I've heard september28th 
KainMH3 Profile Image
23 September 2017 16:21
Not a clue about the date. But as the fusion recipe is official, I don´t think they will wait too much to release her. I think that 28th you mention can be accurate.
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