Happy New Year! New Year Event

Happy New Year! New Year Event

Special New Year Events will be held on Jan. 1st for one day only!

Start off the new year with Summoners War!

Happy New Year! New Year Event Details

Event 1. Make a Wish 5 times! 

You'll be able to make a Wish 5 times on Jan. 1st!

Only available for users who built Temple of Wishes.

(Level Requirement for construction: Account Lv. 7)

Event: Jan. 1st 12am - Jan. 2nd 12am (Based on the server time)

Event 2. Unlimited Energy Event!

Enjoy Unlimited Energy 2 times a day, 1 hour each!

Trial of Ascension/Dimensional Rift/World Boss/Rift of Worlds excluded.

1st: Jan. 1st 1pm - 2pm

2nd: Jan. 1st 9pm - 10pm

2nd: Jan. 1st 8pm - 9pm​

Based on the server time

Event 3. Bonus Energy Reward! 

Play Summoners War in the morning, afternoon, and evening and get extra [50 Energy]!

Event Times:

1st: Jan. 1st 8am - 11am

2nd: Jan. 1st 12pm - 3pm

3rd: Jan. 1st 8pm - 11pm

Based on the server time

The events will be held in the server time.

Global Server - PST

Europe Server - CET

Asia Server - GMT+8

China Server - CST

Japan Server - JST

Korea Server - KST

Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

Bonus Energy Reward will be sent to the Inbox and they'll replace the existing afternoon/evening daily Energy Rewards.

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