Summoners War Appreciation Event

Summoners War Appreciation Event

We've prepared awesome events!

Please see below for more info.


EVENT 1. Doubled Burning Time Event

■ Event Schedule

- Sep. 11th 8am - Sep. 15th 9pm (server time)

<Doubled Burning Time Schedule>

1st) 8am - 9am: 2x EXP + 2x Mana Stones

2nd) 12pm - 1pm: 2x EXP + 2x Mana Stones

3rd) 8pm - 9pm: 2x EXP + 2x Mana Stones

4th) 12am - 1am: 2x EXP + 2x Mana Stones

* The event will be held from Sep. 11th 8am until Sep. 15th 9pm.

* The event will be held in the server time.

■ Event Details

- Enjoy 2x Mana Stones and 2x EXP during the designated time!

▶ 2x Mana Stones will be applied to

: All scenario areas (13 areas) of all difficulties

: Cairos Dungeon (all dungeons)

: Dimensional Rifts

: Arena

: Tartarus' Labyrinth​

: Dimension Hole

▶ If you've already purchased the EXP Booster and if the booster is already in use, 

the remaining event time will be added to the booster time based on the time you've accessed the game instead of temporarily holding the booster time.

* 2x EXP from the EXP Booster and 2x EXP from the burning time event can't be applied at the same time.

(Ex. You can't get 4x EXP by using EXP booster during the 2x EXP Burning Time Event.)


EVENT 2. Free Energy Entrance Event

■ Event Schedule

- Sep. 14th

<Energy Free Entrance Schedule>

1st) 2pm - 3pm (1hr)

2nd) 11pm - 12am (1hr)

* Based on server time

■ Event Details

- Twice a day! Enter the designated content with no Energy!

▶ Energy free entrance will be applied to

: Scenario, Cairos Dungeon (all dungeons)​, Rift Dungeons and Rift Raid

* Trial of Ascension, World Boss, Dimensional Rifts, and Tartarus' Labyrinth are excluded.



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