Surprise Burning Time Event

Surprise Burning Time Event

Summoners War will be holding a surprise Special Burning Time Event!

Take advantage of this awesome chance!


> Event: May 10th 8am - May 16th 9pm


<Burning Time Schedule>

1st: 8am - 9am 2x EXP

2nd: 12pm - 1pm 2x Mana Stones

3rd: 8pm - 9pm 2x EXP

4th: 12am - 1am 2x Mana Stones


* The event will be held until 9pm on the last day (May 16th).

* The event will be held in the server time.


- 2x Mana Stones will be applied to all scenario areas (13 areas) of all difficulties.

(Secret Dungeons/Hall of Heroes in the Cairos Dungeon will be excluded.)


- If you've already purchased the EXP Booster and if the booster is already in use, 

the remaining event time will be added to the booster time based on the time you've accessed the game instead of temporarily holding the booster time.


* 2x EXP from the EXP Booster and 2x EXP from the burning time event can't be applied at the same time.

(Ex. You can't get 4x EXP by using EXP booster during the 2x EXP Burning Time Event.)


Thank you!​

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