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How to 6 star fast in Summoners War

make a 6 star monster you need your main 5 star at level 35 and 5x 5star food monsters. Use 4 stars Rainbowmon at max lvl in order to speed up the process, however you can get only one 4 stars Rainbowmon at max lvl per week from the guild shop (look also for Summoners War Events), some of them offer rainbowmon as rewards and try to get through floor 60 in ToA to get another 4 star rainbowmon). You’ll need to focus instead on farming and level up fodders up to 5 stars. To do that, go to some of the best farming areas such as the first stage of Faimon Volcano with one of your farmers and 3 fodders.
We suggest you to build a Raoq - Fire Inugami as main farmer in the early stages of the game (he can solo Faimon Normal/Hard mode), later switch with another farmer like Susano - Water Ninja (which is fusable) as Hell mode Faimon farmer.

Eventually you’ll run out of energy, so use your crystals to refill your energy pool and continue farming.

How to get 5 star monster in Summoners War

Five star monsters are hard to get, however there are some ways to maximize your chances to get one. Legendary scrolls are the best in terms of probability in getting natural five star monsters compared to other means like Mystical Scroll, Fire Scroll, Water Scroll, Wind Scrolls, Temple of Wishes and Light and Dark scrolls. Legendary Scrolls can be obtained through various methods: reward, drop and by collecting pieces. You can obtain Legendary scroll after completing Trial of Ascension, both Normal and Hard mode; in that way, twice a month, you can collect two Legendary Scrolls. Completing ToA can be very challenging and you’ll need to build a specific team to complete it. Many players use monsters like Baretta - Fire Sylph and Mav - Wind Penguin Knight in both modes. You can drop Legendary scrolls as reward by participating in the World Boss Battle: to maximize your chances of getting one by participating at this game content you need to at least fit in rank C. Also,it’ good to use at least awakened five star monsters with good rune set up. Collecting pieces is easier than the other two methods but can be a lot longer and much more resource consuming. You can gather pieces by dropping them at World Boss battles, by buying them at the guild shop for guild points or by buying them at the magic shop for mana stones. Other popular ways to get 5 star monsters is through Mystical Scrolls: these scrolls are by far less rare than Legendary ones but the chance of get a natural 5 star monster is really low. You’ll need a great amount of Mystical Scrolls to get one. The most cost-efficient method of getting a great amount of these scrolls is trough crystals: buy the 11 Mystical Scroll pack (Premium pack) for 750 crystals in the glory points shop.

How to get archangel in Summoners War

You can get archangels by summoning them through Mystical scroll, Legendary Scrolls, Temple of Wishes, Crystal summons and Light and Dark Scroll summon. Archangels are some of the best and most difficult monsters to get in Summoners War. So don’t curse if you haven’t get one yet! Meanwhile check out this Summoners War cinematic trailer featuring Artamiel - Light Archangel among others.

How to leave guild in Summoners War

You can leave guild in Summoners War by going to the Community Menu, then in the Guild Member menu scroll down to the end and you’ll find a Leave button.

How to get devilmons

Devilmons are material monster used to skill up monsters. The easiest way to get devilmons is through purchase in the glory points shop: you can buy one of them for 180 guild points per week. You can also get Devilmons through completing 70th floor of ToA, both normal and hard mode. Moreover, Devilmons are droppable in World Boss Battles and you can get them sometimes as Events rewards.

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