What in Summoners War

What is a farming guild in Summoners War

A farming guild is a guild with the only purpose of farming guild points (in the attack phase). Generally these kind of guilds set low defenses, increasing the chances of losing defense matches and hence guild battle defense, so that the guild will have low rank and the guild’s members in attack will probably have to face easy enemies.

What does accuracy do in Summoners War

Accuracy is a percentage stat of every monster. Accuracy is the chance of applying a weakening effect. If a monster have high accuracy, its opponents will not be able to resist its debuffs. Resistance is the stat opposed to Accuracy, it is the chance to resist a debuff. Note that there is always a 15% chance of resistance. If your opponent has 100% accuracy and you have 0% resistance, you still have a 15% chance of resisting it. If you’re trying to apply a debuff, the enemy will have a chance to resist that debuff: it will be applied a resist chance equal to the maximum value between 15% or enemy’s resistance value minus your accuracy value.

What beats what in Summoners War

There are five elements in Summoners War: fire, wind, water, light and dark. The first three work like rock-scissor-paper game: fire is good against wind and weak against water, water beats fire and loses against fire and at last wind is good against water and bad versus fire. Light and dark are strong against each other.

What runes to keep in Summoners War

Generally speaking look for 5-6star runes with %stats on even number slots and with good substats on odd number slots; check out our rune guide for additional info.

What is fodder in Summoners War

Fodder means food, the monsters and materials given to other monsters in order to power up or evolve them. Typical fodders are Rainbowmon, Angelmon, Devilmon and natural 1 or 2 silver star monsters like Fire Maned Boar

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