Where in Summoners War

Where to farm in Summoners War

Best area to farm in Summoners War are some scenario maps like Hydeni Ruins, Tamor Desert, Faimon Volcano, and Aiden Forest. Try them setting the difficulty accordingly to your experience and your farmer available. Also use your friends monsters if they are solo farmers for some areas, your fodder will gain additional experience by doing so.

Where to farm mana in Summoners War

You can farm mana by farming hell mode and selling runes. Selling runes from Dragon, Giant and Necropolis dungeon is very good in terms of mana stones gained. Also you can get a lot of mana from farming secret dungeons.

Where to get archangel in Summoners War

Archangels are summonable from Legendary Scroll, Mystical Scroll, Fire Scroll, Wind Scroll, Water Scroll, Light and Dark Scroll and Temple of Wishes. Archangels are very hard to obtain, like others natural 5 star monsters, so be patience if you haven’t summoned one yet!

Where to farm XP in Summoners War

You can farm xp in various methods, the most efficient of which is through farming scenarios. Try with Garen Forest at the beginning, then switch on Tamor Desert in mid game and go to Faimon Volcano and Aiden Forest in late game.

Where to get shapeshifting stones in Summoners War

Shapeshifting stones can be found as reward after successfully completing the Raid battle in the Rift of Worlds. Also you can drop shapeshifting stone after completing Cairos Dungeons. Otherwise you can buy shapeshifting stones at the store.

Where to farm 6 star runes in Summoners War

You can farm 6 star runes in the Giant, Dragon or Necropolis Dungeon. Check out our Rune guide to find the which rune drops where. Please keep in mind that you can find 6 stars runes only after defeating these bosses from 7th stage and onwards. Early game players can drop 6 star runes at the 6th stage of each scenario at hell mode. You can find 6 star runes also as World Boss reward and you can also buy them in the Magic shop.

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