Why in Summoners War

Why farm faimon

Faimon Volcano is one of the most popular scenario areas to farm: players usually farm the first stage (set the difficulty accordingly to your level and ability).

Why do some monster glow in Summoners War

All the monsters in Summoners War gain some glow after awakening and also most of the monsters obtain the glow when they reach 6 stars, in addition to the awakening effects. The glow is the same color for the monsters of the same element. Natural 5 star non humanoid monsters (like Verad - Water Dragon) only get the glow coming from awakening; instead, natural 5 star humanoid-like monsters as Katarina - Wind Valkyria get the glow from awakening

Why reset in Summoners War

Players sometimes reset in order to get the chance to pull some good monster from first crystal summon the game let you do. There is a myth saying that there is an increased chance of getting natural 5 star monster from that summon, but as you can look in this Reddit reset trick topic there is no evidence for that.

Why join a guild in Summoners War

Guild is an important content of the game in which players participate in battles from which they gain points. These guild points allow players to buy unique and important rewards such as a 4 star Rainbowmon max level (once per week) and Ifrit summon pieces (this is the only way to get Theomars, Tesarion and Akhamamir)

Why does my monster have a crown in Summoners War

The monster with a crown is the monster that can be shared by your friends, helping them in scenarios and dungeons once per day per friend. Also, king angelmons have crown in their head, but they are material monster, use them to level up your monsters!

Why solo in summoners war

Soloing scenarios is the key to correctly gain a great amount of xp. For example, try to use elemental advantage with some monsters like Susano or Chandra to help you through Faimon Hell solo farming, and you can bring 3 fodders with the soloing monster.

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