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Lisa (Fire Neostone Agent) is a great support monster in Summoners War.

Lisa is used often in Raid Battles because she has a first skill with glancing hit and a third skill with cleanse.

Also she is used in Necropolis Dungeon and Guild Wars since her third skill make three allies attack at once.

Lisa rune build

Violent build: Violent/Revenge or Violent/Energy - SPD / %HP / %HP or SPD / %HP / %ACC with speed and accuracy substat

In-depth stats about Lisa could be retrieved on SWARFARM

Lisa (Fire Lisa) Further Informations

Lisa (Fire ) Lisa
  • Rating by users: 4.10 / 5 based on 123 reviews

    Monster Type: support

Speed CRI Rate CRI Dmg Resistance Accuracy
% % % %

Lisa ( fire) awakening materials:

Awakening bonus:

Description, multipliers, cooltime and powerup of Lisa's skills

Lisa Leader Skill Leader Skill:
Increases the Critical Rate of ally monsters in Guild Content by 24%.
Lisa Preemptive Strike Preemptive Strike
190% x2
Attacks the enemy 2 times. Each attack has a 25% chance to increase the enemy's chance of dealing a Glancing Hit for 2 turns
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +15%
Lisa Cutting Magic Cutting Magic
280% x2
Attacks an enemy and then removes all beneficial effects on the target. If there are 2 or more beneficial effects removed, the Attack Bar of all allies will be increased by 20% each. (Reusable in 4 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Cooltime Turn -1
Lisa Attack Command Attack Command
3x 1st skill
Removes all harmful effects on all allies. After that, 3 randomly selected allies will attack an enemy target. (Reusable in 6 turns)
  • Lv.2 Cooltime Turn -1
  • Lv.3 Cooltime Turn -1

How to get Fire in Summoners War

You can obtain from Mystical Scroll , Mystical Summon (Crystals) , Fire Scroll , Legendary Scroll , Temple of Wishes

How many Devilmon to max skill-up Lisa?

11 Devilmons/Other are needed to power up all the skills of Lisa (Fire )

Lisa skills Buffs and Debuffs

Increased chances of missing Summoners War Increased chances of missing - Preemptive Strike

Mininum and maximum stats for any level of Lisa

Form Stars Attack Defense Hp

Min: 227

Max: 386

Min: 157

Max: 267

Min: 3,660

Max: 6,240


Min: 309

Max: 525

Min: 214

Max: 363

Min: 4,995

Max: 8,475


Min: 420

Max: 714

Min: 291

Max: 494

Min: 6,780

Max: 11,535


Min: 216

Max: 368

Min: 133

Max: 226

Min: 3,405

Max: 5,790


Min: 295

Max: 500

Min: 181

Max: 307

Min: 4,635

Max: 7,875


Min: 400

Max: 681

Min: 245

Max: 417

Min: 6,300

Max: 10,710

Lisa Fire Rating in PVP and PVE

Dungeon ( 4.1 / 5 )
Arena Defense ( 4.2 / 5 )
Arena Offense ( 4.4 / 5 )
Guild War Offense ( 4.6 / 5 )
Guild War Defense ( 4.3 / 5 )
ToA ( 3.5 / 5 )
Raid Battle ( 4.7 / 5 )
Farming ( 3 / 5 )

Your opinions

KainMH3 Profile Image
26 February 2017 11:03
Lisa is a RAID BATTLE MVP for some reasons: She´s a cleanser, can apply glancing debuff, and most important, she will never use the second skill in raid. Third skill must be maxed in order to support raids, the difference is really huge between 6 and 4 turns colldown. Speed is also a must, specially in PVP. Getting initiative with Lisa can decide the whole battle, as she will make 3 allies attack with first skill; if Belladeon or Galleon i.e.ares one of them, you can get a def break + damage + other first skill debuffs all in one enemy before he moves, turning him an easy prey for any nuker. Also the AoE cleanse is very usefull in PVP battles and the second skill is great vs enemies like Rakan or a invulnerable Katarina, and can also clean the Theomars shield opening the chance of killing him before a healer can support the Ifrit. Build her fast and tanky and you´ll have a great ally in many battles.
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