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Dragon's Lair Dungeon Guide
Dragon’s Lair is one of the dungeon in the Cairos dungeon Section that allow you to drop runes besides other rewards after completing it.
The rune sets that you can drop here are
  • Focus Runes
  • Guard Runes
  • Endure Runes
  • Shield Runes
  • Revenge Runes
  • Violent Runes
Besides these rune sets you can drop also
  • Rainbowmon 2 and 3 stars max level
  • Unknown & Mystical Scrolls
  • Summoning Stones
  • Shapeshifting stones
  • Rune Pieces
  • Symbol of Harmony, Chaos & Transcendance

General Strategy for Dragon Dungeon

Bring one or more cleansers in your team, some valid candidates are: Veromos, Konamiya, Lisa, Anavel.
You may want to attack directly the boss on stage 5 since he will counterattack any monster that kills one of the Crystal Towers, dealing enormous damage. You can however bypass that problem by killing it with continuous damage. Boss and towers are immune to stun paralysis freeze and provoke effect.
Group healer and buff removal user are advised. I.e. Belladeon, Megan, Emma,.

Maximum accuracy to overcome his resistance is 55%, everything above this value is wasted for the purpose of Dragon dungeon.

Suggested team for Dragon B7


Suggested farmable team for Dragon B10

(4+ mins)

Advanced Team for Dragon B10

(2+ mins)

Speed team for Dragon B10

(Under 1 min) aim the boss first

Dragon Dungeon Videos

Left Crystal effects




B1 - B10

Poisonous Crystal

Inflicts Continuous Damage to all enemies for 3 turns.

Right Crystal effects





Assault Crystal

Inflicts big damage on one enemy.


Strengthen Attack Crystal

Increases the Boss's Attack Power for 3 turns.


Strengthen Defense Crystal

Increases the Boss's Defense for 3 turns.


Weaken Defense Crystal

Decreases the Defense of all enemies for 2 turns.


Weaken Attack Crystal

Weakens the Attack Power of all enemies for 2 turns.


Shock Crystal

Stuns one enemy for 1 turn.


Strengthen Attack Crystal

Increases the Boss's Attack Power for 3 turns.


Invincible Crystal

Reduce all the damage on the Boss down to 0 for 2 turns.


Acceleration Crystal

Increases the Attack Bar of the Boss by a certain amount.


Immunity Crystal

Removes the harmful effect on the Boss and grants Immunity for 3 turns.

Dragon boss skills




Legendary Dragon

Enraged Roar

Attacks all enemies and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns. The damage increases if the enemy is suffering a harmful effect.


When a tower is destroyed, the dragon deals a deadly counterattack to the monster who dealt the final blow.

Dragon's Fury (Passive)

Attack Power increases greatly when HP becomes lower than 30%. [Automatic Effect]

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