Necropolis Dungeon Info

Necropolis Dungeon Guide
Necropolis is the third dungeon in the Cairos dungeon Section (alongside with Giant’s Keep and the Dragon’s Lair) that allow you to drop runes besides other rewards after completing it..
The rune sets that you can drop here are
  • Will Runes
  • Nemesis Runes
  • Vampire Runes
  • Destroy Runes
  • Rage Runes
Besides these rune sets you can drop also
  • Rainbowmon 2 and 3 stars max level
  • Unknown & Mystical Scrolls
  • Summoning Stones
  • Shapeshifting stones
  • Rune Pieces
  • Symbol of Harmony, Chaos & Transcendance

General Strategy for Necropolis Dungeon

Don’t use attack bar buffer since they are useless in the boss stage
Use multiple hit skills monsters like Colleen, especially first skill multi-hitters, like Adrian.
Use Violent and Revenge runed monster, because attack bar buff is nullified by boss passive, so you have to take turns vith rune procs.
Use a monster that can buff speed. Speed is capped by boss passive but can be buffed by during the game. Adrian is very good for that purpose.
Use an attack speed debuffer, like Hwa, for the same reason as before, the boss speed can be slowed down.

Turn order is pretty important in defeating this boss. Generally, monsters with multi-hit skills are set the fastest while Speed debuffers and attackers are set slower.

Necropolis boss skills and strategy

When imprisoned, Imprisoned allies gain 100% Attack Bar when stolen and move immediately.
When an ally monster is imprisoned, the monster's skills are refreshed and are available to use against the player.
Imprisoned ally will be returned at 50% HP after defeating it.
Imprison skill bypasses immunity and invincible state.
Speed limit is 130 but Speed buff raises speed over the limit and applying the slow debuff on the boss also works. Moreover, speed leader skills will not go over the limit.
Soul Barrier is not a buff, it is a passive, so it cannot be removed by buff removal and debuffs on the boss can only be applied when Soul Barrier is down.
Soul Barrier is not an invincibility effect, and cannot be bypassed by skills like Cassie's 3rd skill "Devil's bullet" or Samurais' secret skill "Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf".
Continuous Damage and Bombs deal their damage, but do not decrease the boss's maximum Hit Points according to the Soul Barrier passive "...MAX HP decreases by 30% of the incoming damage," whether the shield is up or down.




Ancient Lich King

 Exploit Soul

Attacks all enemies, recovering 50% of the damage dealt as HP. The damage of Exploit Soul increases permanently every time the skill is used.

Imprison Soul

Imprisons the soul of the enemy that has dealt the most damage and controls the enemy. (Reusable in 4 turns)

The Time of the Dead (Passive)

The Attack Speed of all enemies and allies is suppressed and cannot exceed a certain cap. Also, all skill effects that influence the Attack Bar will not be activated. [Automatic Effect]

Soul Barrier (Passive)

Each turn, a barrier that nullifies a certain number of attacks is generated. When attacked without the barrier, the MAX HP decreases by 30% of the incoming damage. [Automatic Effect]

Fallen Immortal (Passive)

Revives with 50% HP at the moment of death. Will not be able to receive beneficial effects during battle, but instead is immune to silence or cool time increasing skill effects. [Automatic Effect] (Reusable in 9 turns)

Suggested team for Necropolis B7


Suggested farmable team for Necropolis B10

(4+ mins)

Speed team for Necropolis B10

(Under 2 min)

Necropolis Dungeon Videos

Necropolis B5 most used Monsters

Necropolis B6 most used Monsters

Necropolis B7 most used Monsters

Necropolis B8 most used Monsters

Necropolis B9 most used Monsters

Necropolis B10 most used Monsters

Your opinions

zackdelarocha Profile Image
27 April 2017 10:39
Great guide! I use the Hwa Bella Adrian Colleen and Shihwa team composition and I find it pretty solid.. However, is there a way to put Xiong Fei in the team comp?
KainMH3 Profile Image
27 April 2017 17:10
IF (and only IF) the Panda is full skilled you can change him for Belladeon. If not full skilled I´ll leave your team as it is, or maybe change Hwa for Lushen as damage dealer. Up to you.
KainMH3 Profile Image
13 May 2017 16:37
Hi! I just started farming NB10 a very short time ago, so I´m still testing monsters. I´ve always found NB10 pretty hard, but it is not: all that the beginners need is easy to get, the only hard thing is to 6* some monsters that you may only use here... or not. I´m writing this to encourage any of you to build a very easy to get Necro team that is 100% reliable. The team consist in 3 farmeable monsters, a very easy to get monster and a DPS. The 3 farmeable monsters are Xiong Fei (Fire Kung Fu Panda), Belladeon (Light Inugami) and Colleen (Fire Harpu). The easy to get monster is Adrian (Fire Elven Ranger). And finally the DPS, which can be one among a good variety of choices. I use Ran, as she can deal damage, has speed debuff and a nice leader skill, but any other Rakshasa may fit, also Fuco or Rigel would be welcome here and even Lushen can do the job. Concerning runes, all of them must be Violent or Revenge, the most Vio/Rev builds you can get, the best for the final results. My begginer team is: RAN (Leader) (Vio/blade), Belladeon (Vio/Revenge), Xiong Fei (Vio/Endure), Adrian (Vio/Blade) and Colleen (2xRevenge/Endure). Next FRR I´ll try by all means to change Xiong Fei and adrian to Revenge. With this team I´m getting 100% success rate and about 3 minutes runs. If I use Lushen as leader, time shortens about 1 min, but I fail around 30% of the times and I think it´s a very high defeat percentage, so I´ve finally decided to use Ran as leader. I hope this can help any of you, and i´ll try to answer if you have any questions about my beginner strategy.
Sepheroth420 Profile Image
09 July 2017 09:06
Kain this helped tremendously. if you look on my prof, you will see all my mons i have aquierd thus far. i just used Theomars, Bella, Shihwa, Adrian and Xiong Fei. my Bella and Theo are 40 whilst the rest are 35s. i finally got passed B7 Necro because of this build beed stuck on it for little over a year now. i failed B8 because i feel my Panda isnt tanky enough. but im on the right path now thanks!
agsparks Profile Image
22 June 2017 16:10
My team is Hwa (L), Colleen, Bella, Adrian, Fuco. Almost 100% reliable with approx. 2:30 run times. I tried putting in Xiong Fei, but he made the success rate drop and the run time rise, so I would recommend leaving him for your raid teams. He doesn't really do that much damage, but he can still get stolen, and if he doesn, he will throw up his revenge buff, defense break your entire team trying to kill him, and the boss will move and kill 1-2 of your monsters. Adrian can be replaced with Chilling, Windy, or Smoky for the spd buff. This is a huge part of Necro because the spd buff is not limited by the boss stage. They also slow on their s1, which is helpful to keep the debuff on the boss to get your turns in. Hwa can be replaced by any Rakshasa. Ran, Su, and Yen would be ideal and even better than Hwa. Pang wouldn't be AS good because she has no form of multi-hit. Fuco can be replaced by any multi-hit dps as long as you have 2 solid s1 slow debuffs on the team already. Since I use Adrian, I use Fuco as my hard hitting second s1 slow.

I have also used Shihwa. She does work well, and I would recommend her, but I would still recommend having 2 s1 slows because landing slow debuff is key. This makes speed tuning your team very important for this dungeon especially.
KainMH3 Profile Image
22 June 2017 18:21

Agreed the Xiong Fei fact. I use him cause I have no substitute yet and because his counters are really nice but to be honest, if the panda is stolen, the whole run is spoiled. The funny thing is that I dont have any liche to get in my team.

I haven´t tried the pumpkins in necro, but I have a built Chilling, so I´ll try with him.

agsparks Profile Image
23 June 2017 16:46
Correction to my original post because I do not see an edit button - I meant "Dusky" instead of "Smoky."
KainMH3 Profile Image
06 July 2017 17:11
Tryed with Chilling instead of Adrian but i´ve found an issue: I think Chilling must be Violent runed to substitute Adrian. My pumpkin is Swift and he performs good in DB10 and GB10 but I think the speed cap of the Necro boss turns the Swift build useless. So I agree a Violent Chilling would be much better than Adrian, but if the pumpkin is runed Swift, I really prefer the Elven Ranger on Violent.
agsparks Profile Image
10 July 2017 15:18
Yes, I recommend every mon be on violent for necro, and if possible, have as many one violent/revenge as you can. I also use a violent/revenge Adrian. I like the dots more, since I already have 2 s1 spd reducers.
beingheatherly Profile Image
13 August 2017 19:50

Before today, I avoided Necropolis like the plague. After pulling Laika (yay!) I realized I don't have any runes for him and would have to figure out how to farm in Necropolis...I am so thankful I found this guide! It has been a lifesaver for me!

I am currently farming B7 with no problems at all! My team: Anavel 40 lead (violent, energy), Zibrolta 40 (violent, blade), Julie 40 (violent, energy), Xiao Lin 40 (violent, blade), and Hong Hua (violent, revenge).


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