Summoners War Raid Cleansers Guide

Summoners War Raid (Rift of Worlds) Cleansers Guide

When fighting raid battles versus the three headed hidra, every summoner must have in his team at least one cleanser. From R3 and above we won’t be able to get good performance results if our units are permanently under debuffs, so every player will need a monster (or more) that can perform AoE cleaning of all the negative effects the boss will place on our teams: Stun, Attack debuff, and the annoying Oblivion that will make passive skills useless. Here´s a list of all the AoE cleansers we can use in the Raid with their virtues and flaws.

Great monster but not a great cleanser because of the high cooldown on the 3rd skill. He also have a 2 turn-inmunity effect with the cleanse, an AoE healing passive when in beast form and a self cleanse passive when in druid form. Can be used in Raid but it´s not his best enviroment.

Placement: Front line
Suggested build: Tanky with high HP and Defense. High resistance might be interesting.
Cleanse Cooldown: 6 turns
Virtues: Good tank with AoE inmunity, heal and cleanse.
Flaws: High cooldown in cleanse skill, and no useable debuffs. IA in raid might be tricky.
This two Dryads share the same skill, an AoE cleanse that transfer debuffs to the enemy. Also has a 10% health healing if no debuff is transfered. First skill has an ATB reduction of 15% and sadly neither of the 3rd skills are usefull on raid. That makes them interesting cleansers but not top tier ones.

Placement: Better in back line, although high base defense may lead them to front if properly built.
Suggested build: Violent when used in the backline, and high Defense tank when in front.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns
Virtues: Very fast cleanse with debuff transfer. Useful ATB reduction on 1st skill.
Flaws: Useless (in Raid) 3rd skill or debuffs
This Dryad share the second skill with her water&fire cousins, an AoE cleanse that transfer debuffs to the enemy. However she´s by far the most useful of the three dryads as her passive skill can heal or cast a shield depending on the allies debuffs, giving the team an extra healer/shield caster appart from the AoE cleanse. This unit can be extremely good in Raid suport.

Placement: Better in back line
Suggested build: Violent with high speed and Resistance. This unit has to be fast to spam the passive.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns
Virtues: Very fast cleanse with debuff transfer. Useful ATB reduction on 1st skill. AoE heal/Shield on passive
Flaws: Low damage, and no debuffs.
Maybe the best monster for Raid purposes of all the game. Amara is amazingly useful as all his skills are good versus the hidra: Def break, Disturb recovery, Branding and an amazing AoE resurrect+AoE cleanse.

Placement: Back line
Suggested build: Violent, with Speed and Acc substats.
Cleanse Cooldown: 4 turns max leveled, with 2 turns extra cool down for every ally resurrected.
Virtues: Lots of debuffs + cleanse + mass resurrection.
Flaws: Very hard to get. Cleanse cooldown can be too long with low health DPS in the team.
The most well known raid cleanser, many players claim she´s a must for raids, and she´s indeed a very good addition to any raiding team as her cleanse skill is also a triple ally attack that can be very useful when using monsters with first skill debuffs.

Placement: Mainly back line. Only place in front if you can get godly HP and DEF runes for her as her base Defense is very low and her HP pool is only decent.
Suggested build: Violent, with good speed.
Cleanse Cooldown: 4 turns max leveled.
Virtues: Cleanse + 3 allies attack, glancing hit debuff, never uses second skill in raids.
Flaws: Cant do any good damage.
Great addition to Raid teams, her only drawback is her second skill, useless versus the hidra. The best thing she has is AoE heal and immunity buff along with the cleanse.

Placement: Front line, as her base Defense is very high.
Suggested build: Violent if she´s the only cleanser. Can be built with mixed runes if paired with another Cleanser.
Cleanse Cooldown: 4 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Wonderful third skill with cleanse+heal+immunity, speed debuff
Flaws: Second skill useless in raid, need IA fix.
The first cleanser of many players, he can perfectly perform that task, but there´s no other thing he can help in the raid battle and his damage output is very low, so he is replaced as soon as you can get any other cleanser with debuffs. His second skill however can be very useful when correctly synchroniced with a healer or any important monster.

Placement: Back line.
Suggested build: Swift or violent are fine.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns max skilled
Virtues: Fast clean + heal, very easy to get and skill up. 2nd skill can be useful if you can get the right speed synergy.
Flaws: No damage or debuffs.
Unknown and underrated monster, Dona is a very good (and fast) cleanser with ATB increase and a couple of debuffs on his second skill. Sadly his damage output is low and his first skill stun is useless in Raids. Low defense, so it´s better to place him back.

Placement: Back line
Suggested build: As he´s a fast cleanser, can be built with mixed set, but Violent is recommended if he´s the only cleanser in the team.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Fast clean + debuffs and ATB increase. Easy to skill up.
Flaws: Low damage and useless first skill.
A very good monster, with a nice mix of skills that can perfectly fix in Raid battle. Speed debuff, AoE cleanse and a DEF based Shield that can help our team to survive. Also DEF based damage in the second skill and the only cleanser with a Leader Skill that can be used in Raids although its easily improved by other well known raiders like Xiong Fei.

Placement: Front line
Suggested build: Violent and fast.
Cleanse Cooldown: 4 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Shield, speed debuff, ATB debuff&buff, Leader Skill.
Flaws: Low to average damage.
Cleanse and heals in the same skill, plus Def break on third. Can be a good damage dealer, but not a top one. Her first skill is useless in raid, and that lowers her performance. The cooldown of the cleanse+heal is very short, with a useful first skill she will be an OP raider for sure.

Placement: Back line
Suggested build: Violent is the most common build. Can be also Swift or Fatal if she´s not the only cleanser in the team.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Very fast clean+Healing, Def break.
Flaws: Hard to get, useless first skill in raids. If not, she will be perfect.
A DEF based monster with decent firepower, suitable for the front line and with a 3 turn AoE Immunity+Cleanse with ATB increase. A real gift from heaven if you can get him. Sadly, he has no other use in Raid cause first and second skills have no effect on the boss.

Placement: Front line
Suggested build: Violent, but can perform with any other PvP set.
Cleanse Cooldown: 4 turns max leveled.
Virtues: Defender, damage dealer and cast immunity+cleanse with ATB increase.
Flaws: Hard to get, no raid debuffs.
Not the most famous Death Knight and maybe unfairly uderrated, Fedora can be a decent support for an early Raid team. All his Skills and debuffs are usefull in the Raid battle, but the long cooldown of the cleanse leaves him as a second choice most of the times. Can be however a good frontline with a mixed HP/DEF build, specially for early levels of the battle.

Placement: Front line
Suggested build: 2x%HP + %DEF. Get some Accuracy substats.
Cleanse Cooldown: 5 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Usefull leader skill and debuffs.
Flaws: High cooldown on the cleanse
Althoug Jamire was and is only used in raid with the "Katarina combo", since this last upgrade he has also an AoE cleanse built in the thrid skill, so he must be mentioned in this guide. If you're not using him to reset skills for Chloe and Katarina, you may know that he´s not a specific monster for raid, but his S3 is always helpful everywhere.

Placement: Back Line
Suggested build: None specific for raid.
Cleanse Cooldown: 5 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Third skill is game changer. Leader skill might be useful, atk debuff on S2
Flaws: High cooldown on clanse, non specific raid unit.
This is a really unknown and underrated monster that can do a great preformance in raids even in R5 given enough support. Easy to skill, he has a 3 turn full cleanse and can deal severe damage specially with his second skill. The AoE attack power increase, along with the cleanse is very useful too.

Placement: Back Line
Suggested build: Violent/Revenge with high HP substats. %ATK/SPD/%HP on rune 2. CrDam/%ATK on 4 and 6.
Cleanse Cooldown: 3 turns max skilled.
Virtues: AoE cleanse + Attack buff every 3 turns. Serious damage dealer. This unit is not a joke, he can work wonders.
Flaws: Squishy, too squishy. Need good sustain/support to survive R5.
Although there´s not much to be said about Veromos at this point, he still can be a surprisingly effective raid cleanser. Despite his average HP pool, if you use a tank build (DEF/2xHP) he can perfectly stand in R5 front line, giving a wonderful HP bonus and spamming his AoE cleanse passive skill. Not a first choice, but everyone has a Veromos, and he may help when you´re climbing Raid ranks and need to survive while other players carry you. Advice: he needs a high resistance for raiding purposes.

Placement: Front or back, depending of the rune build.
Suggested build: 2xHP/DEF for front and any other for the back line
Cleanse Cooldown: 1 debuff/Every turn (passive)
Virtues: Great hP leaderskill, cleanse every turn, can be built as a tank.
Flaws: Low damage, useless second skill, can be oblivioned even with high resistance, cant remove inhability effects (stun).

Summoners War Debuff Reducers

Technically they are not cleansers, but their skills can reduce the debuffs casted on the ally units, so the reduction can turn into a full cleanse. Even more, they also amplify the length of the beneficial effects, with can be useful everywhere, even in raids. There are some monsters with this skill, but we will only comment on two of the most common and well known ones. They cannot substitute a proper cleanser, but can perfectly work as the second one.
Very common and easy to get. She can reduce the negative effects every 3 turns when max skilled and also heals with the same skill. Also useful as a reviver but nothing else as she can´t deal significative damage neither has debuffs.

Placement: Back line
Suggested build: Tanky with some decent speed.
Debuff Reduce: Every 3 turns when max skilled.
Virtues: Fast cool down, heals and revives. Easy to get and skill.
Flaws: Low damage, no debuffs.
Less known than her famous cousins Chasun and Hwahee, this Sky Dancer is a good addition to the Raid team. A 3-turn cooldown debuff cleanse with a good AoE healing amount is a real gift and can turn the tide of the battle. She can be the monster that make the difference in a R5 team when paired with a real AoE cleanser. Much better that she seems to be

Placement: Back line
Suggested build: Violent with speed and attack power (no CrDam needed).
Debuff Reduce: Every 3 turns max skilled.
Virtues: Very fast cool down in the defuse reduce skill. Good AoE healer, can deal some damage too
Flaws: Only one debuff, not easy to skill.

Strategy for One Cleansers Teams

When using only one cleanser he must be Violent and fast, so he can quickly reduce cooltimes on the cleanse skill. Every time the hidra fills his attack bar, will use either Breath or Crush of Doom, and if the Breath is used, all the units can be debuffed. Even more, Rageful Roar also stuns your units, so a single cleanser have a lot of work to do. Of course, the cleanse skill must be full skilled to reduce the cooldowns.

Strategy for Two Cleansers Teams

Here things can work different. One cleanser must still be Violent and fast, but the second can be a slow and tanky frontliner like Delphoi or Raviti in example. This second cleanser is just a bonus to the first one, and make the runs more stable and let the healers work better. In R4 and R5 a double cleanser is nearly a must for all raid teams.
Perpetrated & Developed by Kain. Revised & Corrected by Tyranee.

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05 May 2017 13:00
Aw Yeah! I´m quite proud to publish here! I hope you all like this guide :)
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05 May 2017 14:19
Thanks a lot Kain! This guide is awesome! After reading this, I'm thinking about using Anavel and/or Raviti in my team.
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06 May 2017 13:55
Built my raviti thanks to this guide, coupled him with konamiya and got a R5 stable team awesome!!
KainMH3 Profile Image
06 May 2017 15:13
I´m really happy knowing that this guide have been usefull for you. Concerning Raviti, I´m waiting to full skill mine before evolving him to 6*. I´ll probably make a review of the monster once tested, but to be honest, that can take me some time as it´s not in my inmediate to-do list. However, THANK YOU for the comments, I´m really happy to read them :)
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07 June 2017 16:50
Just testing what they said with the last mail :)
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07 June 2017 18:49
Now that I've built dias semi-properly, I'm thinking about placing Lisa backline, to increase success rate, and maybe using her as solo cleanser (on Violent build of course and max skills). What is the minimum suggested speed for Lisa as solo-cleanser in the team in R5?
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09 May 2017 14:38
Dropped Velajuel 10 minutes after reading your raid cleansers guide, can't wait to test him!
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11 May 2017 09:53
Wowaah! i was sleeping and ignoring Raid from months because of laziness and lack of a good strategy to clean fast R5, i think i will follow one of your suggestions and build a lisa to team up with kona. Good guide by the way!
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14 October 2017 01:56
nice guide
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19 November 2017 11:13
Let's test them....
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16 May 2018 17:49

Nice guide! Hey I have no other reviver than Michelle (Have Platy but as a reviver for PvE content Platy is just... S#¡3t) and seen Michelle at this guide makes me question something: if is worth to 6* her? and Do she have any real use in Raids instead of being simply the second choice for cleanse? Mine is awakened at 5* and full skill, since she was my first healer/reviver when i start to play back in 2014 and i use her for some floors in the ToA/ToAH. For the Raids have an Anavel for the cleanse but I DO need desperately a reviver to survive at R4-5

KainMH3 Profile Image
17 May 2018 14:15

To be honest, I don´t think she´s worth it. But it´s personal, I never liked Michelle. Try getting Briand. He´s bette rthan Michelle by far.

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07 July 2018 15:10

Hi, thanks a lot for this awesome guide but I can't think why would you not add Fedora here, I know his cleanese is slow, takes 5 turns but remember that it also leaves Immunity effect for 2 turns so the team won't get any other debuff while he gets his ability back up. Besides that he has both atk and def debuff (100%) and heal block, good stats overall and even a Def buff leader skill. Can deal decent dmg with second skill too.

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08 July 2018 09:21

Thanks for the advice. I´ll add him, although his long cooldown makes him less interesting than other cleansers, but you´re right, I completely forgot about him.

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