Summoners War Real-time Arena

Realtime Arena Schedule

The Real-time Arena is online as a test service (beta-testing) after the 2.1.7 update released on 29 June 2016 and will proceed with the test service for 2 weeks.

Players can send a request to the opponent to join the battle up to 30 times a day. However, there's no limit to how many times players can enter the battle by accepting the opponent's request.

In addition, there are no rewards or grade system considering this is only a test service, but there will be an event during the test service.

Summoners War Real-time Arena Details

Players can join the Real-time Arena Battle in two different ways:

1. Sending a request at the Chat User Info Menu
2. Sending a request at the Friend/Guild Menu

Additional info: players cannot use the same Monster in the Real-time Arena: for example, if one selects the Veromos-Dark Ifrit, the other user will no longer be able to select Veromos-Dark Ifrit, so players should think carefully before selecting their Monsters.
Additionally, players need at least 10 different Monsters to enter the Real-time Arena Match.

How to play the Real-time Arena Match

Once players accept the battle request, they'll be moved to the Battle Preparation Menu.
From this menu’s interface, players can select a monster, ban the opponent's monster and select a Leader Monster to get ready for the Arena Match.
The First Pick will be decided at random, and afterwards, the players will be able to select and ban the Monsters according to the designated number of each stage.
Please see the table below for more info.

Step Action N° of Monsters Time limit
1st Player A select a Monster 1 30 sec
2nd Player B select a Monster 2 30 sec
3rd Player A select a Monster 2 30 sec
4th Player B select a Monster 2 30 sec
5th Player A select a Monster 2 30 sec
6th Player B select a Monster 1 30 sec
7th Player A and Player B both ban each other's monsters simultaneously 1 30 sec
8th Both players selects a Leader monster 1 30 sec
9th Battle begins

* For Step 7, both players will not be able to know which Monster has been banned by the opponent.

Real-time Arena Main Match

The Real-time Arena has one special rule: the game itself activates an additional effect once players reach a designated number of turns: this effect will be activated for the first time when players reach 30 turns, and the effect will gradually increase after every 10 turns, afterwards. The activated effect will increase the attack power and decrease the MAX HP.
Each turn has 15 seconds of time limit: if a player doesn’t act, the game will proceed automatically after 15 seconds.
The battle will be recorded as a draw when players reach 150 turns.
Please note this is a pre-launch notification, and therefore, there may be changes to the content when the actual service begins

Real-time Arena further informations and videos

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