Summoners War Rift Dungeon

Rift Dungeon and Rift of World Boss description and guide. Come visit us to check out new features like the Homunculus and Craft materials for runes! There are 5 areas surrounding the Raid in the Rift of Worlds. This dungeon has unique characteristics compared to other dungeons. You can find these dungeons in the Rift of Worlds Area, available in the Battle Menu.

Summoners War Rift Dungeon Details

In the Rift of Worlds Dungeon, players will be collecting the reward solely based on the amount of damage they inflict on the boss regardless of whether they clear the dungeon or not. In other words, the more damage you inflict, the more rewards you get!
It’s possible to defeat the boss completely if players are strong enough; however, the Rift of Worlds Boss will be revived 3 times, and the boss will become stronger each time he’s revived. The boss can also escape if you fail to completely defeat him during the designated phase.

Summoners War Raid Dungeon Strategy and Guide

Generally try to use monsters with elemental advantage (i.e. against Fire Beast use water attribute monsters). To get high points you need as much damage as you can get in the Groggy State and you need enough heal plus tankiness to overcome last stage. The strategy is exactly the same as fast teams for DB10, going straight for the dragon and killing him before the right crystal immunize him. To maximize damage output, you need in your teams in terms of priority:

  • 1) Single target nuker with Brand (Assassins like Stella)
  • 2) Armor break (possibly on first skill)
  • 3) Speed decrease weakening effect (Hwa, Ran)
  • 4) AoE attack bar increase (Verdehile, Frigate, Bernard)
  • 5) AoE attack buff
  • 6) Monsters on Violent build
  • 7) Tanky Healer (for example Chasun, Colleen, Hwahee): put it on frontline and build it fast enough to provide consistent heals for your team.

Here is some monster that is good to use without any natural 5 star monster:
Nukers: Stella, Hellea, Verdehile (with Rage Blade build), Kung FU girls like Xiao Lin ,Lich like Rigel or Fuco, Aegir, Ran, Pang Healers: Hwahee, Chasun, Colleen Supports: No room for support here, focus on getting just 1 or 2 healers and nukers for the remaining spot on your team. However some build may be possible with monsters that grant 2-3 attack of random monsters like Tarq, especially if he is runed with 3 set of Fight runes granting 21% increase attack to all monsters on your team.

Rift of Worlds Boss’s new Attack Pattern: introducing the Groggy State

The Rift of Worlds Boss is immune to all harmful effects (like Continuous Damage and others), and he also has a different Attack Bar and skill usage. Please take a look at the images below for more info.
When the boss’s Attack Bar reaches where the skill icon is, the skill will be activated.
Attack Bar Skill Rift Dungeon Boss

And when the attack gauge reaches the end, the boss will use the Ultimate Skill and the Attack Bar will be reset.
This process will be repeated.

Attack Bar Ultimate Skill Raid Dungeon Boss

You’ll be able to inflict more damage when the boss is in a Groggy State, so it’s crucial to inflict as much damage as possible during this time.

How the Groggy State works

Since the boss’s Ultimate Skill can destroy the whole party, it’s important to prevent the boss from activating the Ultimate Skill. One of the ways to prevent him from using the Ultimate Skill is to defeat the Boss by reducing his entire HP before he uses the Ultimate Skill. The defeated boss will fall into the Groggy State, and his Attack Bar will also reset. The Groggy State will remain in effect for a designated time until the boss restores the HP. However, while the boss is in the Groggy State, he’ll be inflicted with even more damage than usual. In other words, you’ll be able to inflict great damage on the boss while preventing him from using the Ultimate Skill if you successfully make the boss fall into the Groggy State.

How to kill Rift Dungeon Boss in Summoners War

When the Groggy Time is over, the boss will become even stronger and the battle will restart. Usually, the battle lasts until all allies are defeated, but you can completely defeat the boss if you make him fall in the Groggy State 4 times.

Special Tips for the Rift Dungeon

A total of 5 Rift Dungeons (Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Dark) will be open, and you must consider the attribute relations in order to strategize your battle wisely. Here is a list of all monsters in game sorted by element:

You can enter all 5 dungeons at all times. In addition, each boss has different skills and Ultimate Skills.
For example, a boss might summon various Bomb Monsters that will automatically explode or might also grant harmful effects that can be removed only when the ally’s HP is fully recovered. Similar to the Raid, special effects will be activated according to how you place your allies in the frontline or backline, so make sure to strategize your battle carefully!

Summoners War Rift Dungeon Rewards

The following is the list of rewards available from the Rift Dungeon. 1. Various material items for the new content, Craft
2. Various material items to make new Runes
3. Various material items that can be used to summon and strengthen the new content, Homunculus

Craft System and Rune Crafting in Summoners War

Craft is a system where you can make various items, Runes, and Buildings using the materials acquired via gameplay.
With the new “Rune” update, you’ll be able to select and craft the Rune Set of your choice!

What is the Homunculus Monster in Summoners War

Homunculus is a very special Monster that’s totally different from the current Monsters, see details about Homunculus.

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