Dark Beast Raid Dungeon

Dark Beast Raid Dungeon suggested team

Frontline: Chasun Bernard
Backline: Theomars Stella Xiao Lin Verdehile

Tips and Strategy:

use multi hit monsters with violent revenge sets (like in Necropolis Dungeon)

Summoners War fire Symbol
Fire Harpu
Summoners War water Symbol
Water Hellhound

Summoners War Dark Beast Skill Description

Dark Sweep:
Becomes enraged whenever an enemy gains a turn. Attacks all enemies 2 times. Greatly increases the damage proportionate to the number of times the Beast becomes enraged and the rage effect will reset after the attack.

Dark Roar:
Attacks all enemies 3 times with a chaotic roar and grants the Soul Chain Effect on 1 nearby enemy. The Soul Chain Effect will become stronger every time the Dark Roar is used. Soul Chain: You’ll be under the Soul Chain Effect and be completely excluded from the battle. The effect will be removed when you hit the boss a designated number of times. The amount of damage you receive will increase proportionate to the remaining Soul Chain Effect state.

Thorn of Despair:
Attacks the enemies in the frontline 2 times with a sharp thorn. The damage increases substantially as the target’s Defense decreases. This attack will target the backline if there are no enemies left in the frontline.

Dark Rageful Breath:
Removes all beneficial effects on all enemies and attacks them 6 times with ice breath. The enemies under Soul Chain Effect will be defeated instantly and will become impossible to revive.

Twisted Body (Passive):
Weakens the effect that inflict damage proportionate to the HP with a twisted power and gains immunity against all harmful effects. The immunity against all harmful effects will be removed during the Groggy State.

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