Water Beast Raid Dungeon

Water Beast Raid Dungeon suggested team

The suggestion here is to bring a good speed buffer and attack bar booster like Bernard to remove the Freezing Air effect as soon as possible, a good healer (one is fair enough) and with them on frontline bring lot of wind or water violent/revenge DPS units.
As always a speed debuffer would be nice to get more time to deal damage when the boss is inactive.
Our Tested Auto-SS Rank team is:

Wind Skydancer (Chasun) - Violent/Nemesis SPD/HP%/HP%[DEF%]
Bernard (Wind Griffon) - Swift/Broken SPD/HP%/DEF%
Water Ifrit (Theomars) - Violent/Revenge SPD/CD%/ATK%
Water Phoenix (Sigmarus) - Violent/Blade Atk%/CD%/Atk%
Water Kung-Fu Girl (Xiao lin) - Violent/Revenge Atk%/Cr%/Atk%
Wind Chimera (Lagmaron) - Swift/Blade SPD/CritD%/Atk%
Check out our general guidelines for monsters in Raid Dungeon.

Other good monsters to use for Water Beast:
Summoners War water Symbol
Water Hellhound

Summoners War Water Beast Skill Description

Ice Sweep:
Attacks all enemies 2 times using its gigantic body to put them under freezing effect.

Freezing Roar:
Grants Freezing Air Effect on all enemies with an ice roar. The Freezing Air Effect becomes stronger every time the Freezing roar is used. Freezing Air: 75% of the MAX HP will be frozen and all abilities will be lost. The frozen HP will be substantially recovered proportionate to the increased amount of Attack Bar. The damage you receive will increase proportionate to the frozen HP under the Freezing Air effect. As the Freezing Air effect becomes stronger, the frozen HP recovery will slow down.

Thorn of Despair:
Attacks the enemies in the frontline 2 times with a sharp thorn. The damage increases substantially as the target’s Defense decreases. This attack will target the backline if there are no enemies left in the frontline.

Frozen Rageful Breath:
Removes all beneficial effects on all enemies and attacks them 6 times with ice breath.

Twisted Body (Passive):
Weakens the effect that inflict damage proportionate to the HP with a twisted power and gains immunity against all harmful effects. The immunity against all harmful effects will be removed during the Groggy State.

Your opinions

Sepheroth420 Profile Image
14 August 2017 10:29
My team for this Raid is Theomars and Ariel up front. Kaito, Lagmaron, Verdehile and Bella in back. B average and i got all 200 water crystals for Homunculus summon through the span of 3 days. 
Eemoh Profile Image
30 June 2018 02:30


I'm trying to improve my water beast team. I'm getting A+ pretty regularly with my current team Front line: Chasun Bernard

Back line: Arang(leader),Zenobia, Melissa, Lushen. All 6*

Units available at 6* (water): sigmarus, shi hou, lapis, xiao lin, megan, rina, talc

Units available at 6* (wind): briand, mav, Units available at 5*(water):emma, aegir,mihyang, su, tarq,

Units available at 5*(wind):akhamamir, morris, fucos. michelle, orochi, raviti, shannon, hraevelg, yen, zing zhe

How would you set my team up? (i have the ability to make one new 6* right now)

KainMH3 Profile Image
30 June 2018 15:13

Xing Zhe, Hraesvelg and maybe Fuco can replace Arang and Lushen. Despite his great PvP and farming performance, Lushen is not my favourite monster for this scenario. Hraesvelg can brand and give attack and speed bonus to all your team, so if you really want to improve the result of this rift I´ll focus on him. However, both Xing Zhe and Fuco are interesting units that can give you a damage boost here.

lordpoopants Profile Image
19 October 2018 03:11

can someone check my mon out and suggest a good team for this, please?

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