Wind Beast Raid Dungeon

Wind Beast Raid Dungeon suggested team

Frontline: Chasun Copper
Backline: Colleen Hwa Bernard Verdehile

Tips and Strategy:

Use AoE intelligent healers. Check out our general guidelines for monsters in Raid Dungeon.

Other good monsters to use for Wind Beast:
Summoners War water Symbol
Water Hellhound

Summoners War Wind Beast Skill Description

Wind Sweep:
Becomes enraged whenever an enemy gains a turn. Attacks all enemies 2 times and recovers your HP. The recovery amount is proportionate to the number of times the Beast becomes enraged, and the rage effect will reset after the attack.

Lightning Roar:
Attacks all enemies 3 times with a furious roar and grants the Electric Shock Effect. The damage increases every time the Lightning Roar is used. Electric Shock: The damage you receive will increase under the Electric Shock Effect. The recovery amount you receive will be decreased by 50% and you’ll be inflicted with Continuous Damage proportionate to 10% of your MAX HP every turn. You must reach 100% HP in order to remove the Electric Shock effect and return great damage to the Wind Beast.

Thorn of Despair:
Attacks the enemies in the frontline 2 times with a sharp thorn. The damage increases substantially as the target’s Defense decreases. This attack will target the backline if there are no enemies left in the frontline.

Swirling Rageful Breath:
Removes all beneficial effects on all enemies and attacks them 6 times with ice breath.

Twisted Body (Passive):
Weakens the effect that inflict damage proportionate to the HP with a twisted power and gains immunity against all harmful effects. The immunity against all harmful effects will be removed during the Groggy State.

Your opinions

Sepheroth420 Profile Image
14 August 2017 10:32
My Team for this Raid is Xiong Fei and Ariel up front, Lagmaron, Bella, Perna and Theomars in back, i have a B average and i got all 200 of my wind crystals for the Homunculus summon through the span of 4 days.
ariel069 Profile Image
18 January 2018 01:54
mi equipo es xiong fei y mono de fuego en la delatera, colleen, verde, laika y zorra de fuego(lider). tengo un promedio A+, pero cuando lo mato llego a SS o SSS(este ultimo es menor)
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Created on 2016-09-13 by Summoners War Monsters