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Siege Battle is a new battle mode that takes place in the guild section: this battle mode involves three guilds that fight against each other. All the guilds start the battle with 12 Bases (2), represented in games as towers and a Headquarter (1); each Guild is positioned on opposite sides of a battlefield, having their headquarters positioned at the vertex of a triangle.

The main goal is to gain Siege Points (3) obtained by occupying the various enemy Bases scattered around.

A Guild gains Siege Points in two ways: by conquering enemy Bases and by simply staying in the bases: a counter determines the amount of Siege Points, value that's proportionate to the number of Bases that belongs to the Guild. Keep in mind that a base can contribute to the siege points calculation by time only if that base isn't isolated (4) from the rest.

The Guild which reaches 20,000 points before the time limit expires wins the Siege Battle. If no Guild is able to get to 20,000 point in time, Guild ranking is determined by the amount of Siege Points gain by each Guild before time ends.

Summoners War Siege Battles schedule

Each Siege Battle consists of two battling phases and occurs two times a week. Each round starts with a registration period, during which Guild Masters and Vice Masters can register their guild and select which guild members will participate in the upcoming round.

Matchmaking is based on Victory Points gained from the last Siege Battle. Only Guilds with at least 15 and up to 25 members can register for Siege Battles.

Every Siege Battle starts with the Registration phase and matchmaking, then the first half of Battle begins (lasts 12 hours), later we have Armistice in which Siege Battle is suspended and Guilds don't gain any Siege Points. Then we have the second Half of the Siege Battle and finally the Tally phase after which player get their rewards.

Here is the timeline of the Siege Battle schedule:

Round1 Phase Time Period
Registration and preparation Saturday 12 AM (PST) - Monday 11 AM (PST)
Matchmaking Monday 11 AM (PST) - Monday 12 PM (PST)
Battle (First Half) Monday 12 PM (PST) - Tuesday 12 AM (PST)
Armistice Tuesday 12 AM (PST) - Tuesday 12 PM (PST)
Battle (Second half) Tuesday 12 PM (PST) - Tuesday 11 PM (PST)
Tally Tuesday 11 PM (PST) - Wednesday 12 PM (PST)
Round 2
Registration and preparation Wednesday 12 AM (PST) - Thursday 11 AM (PST)
Matchmaking Thursday 11 AM (PST) - Thursday 12 PM (PST)
Battle (First Half) Thursday 12 PM (PST) - Friday 12 AM (PST)
Armistice Friday 12 AM (PST) - Friday 12 PM (PST)
Battle (Second half) Friday 12 PM (PST) - Friday 11 PM (PST)
Tally Friday 11 PM (PST) - Saturday 12 PM (PST)

Siege Battle Assaults

At the beginning of the Siege Battle, each Guild will start with 12 bases under their control on their respective side of the field, as well as a Headquarter (HQ). Guilds gain Siege Points based on the number of bases controlled, as well as the length of time they are controlled for. These Bases must be connected to the Headquarter, whether directly or through other controlled bases.

If one ore more bases controlled by a guild are not linked to other bases in control of that guild, they don't contribute to the counting of Siege Points. The Siege points gained by a Guild through the control of the bases over time is as follow:

  • 1 point/min per base that is linked to headquarter or to other bases
  • 10 points/min if a Guild has occupied 13 or more bases

During the battle phases, Guilds must battle each other in 3v3 monsters battles to take control of other bases;keep in mind that the Headquarter cannot be taken. If a base is cut off from the Headquarters, it becomes an isolated base and will no longer award Siege Points until it is reconnected to the headquarters.

Siege Points will also be awarded for successfully attacking a base, as well as defending one: players and their guild will gain 15 Siege points for a successful attack and 5 Siege points for a successful defense. The first guild to reach 20,000 Siege Points wins the battle. If there is no guild yhat reaches the 20,000 point goal before the end of the first half, the battle will continue to the second half of the battle until a Guild gain 20,000 points.

If no Guild reaches 20,000 points before time expires in the second half, ranking is determined by the amount of points each Guild has gained and the winner will be the Guild that has gained more siege points than the other participants to the Battle.

Siege Battle Attack and Defense

In Siege Battle players attack the enemy's bases in order to try to conquer them: a base has up to 5 slot(each of which consist of a team of three monsters) available for defense, a guild will occupy that base if all the defending teams are defeated by players of the same attacking guild.

Teams that occupy slots in the base for defense purpose can be "stored" in the Headquarters and moved to the bases once they are conquered.

All players have 30 slots available for the attacks and they consume 1 slot per monster used in the attacks: players can decide to use 2 or even 1 monster in the act of attacking a team, if they seem confident to win in order to save slots for other additional attacks.

There are two types of bases:
  • Bases that allow all kind of monsters: here both in defense and attack all monster are allowed to fight, even nat-5 monsters
  • Bases that allow at least nat-4 monsters: here both in defense and attack players can use at least net-4 monsters, nat-5 monsters are not allowed
Players can use nat-4 or even lower star rank monsters in the bases that allow fights between all kind of monsters, however it is advisable to keep nat-4s for the max nat-4 bases.

Siege Battle Rewards

Siege Battle Rewards are assigned once a Guild reaches the 20000 points goal and these rewards consist in:

  • Guild Points and Crystals the amount of which is linked to the Guild Rank (determined by how well went the guild battles) at the beginning and at the end of the siege Battle
  • Trophy Box which is a chest that contains 6 rewards picked among: Mana Stones, Runes, Legendary Scroll, Scroll of Light & Darkness, Devilmon, Legendary Summoning Piece, Light & Dark Summoning Piece, Summoning Piece, Runes, Mystical Scroll, Water Scroll, Fire Scroll, Wind Scroll and Crystals

Trophy Boxes are assigned accordingly to the Guild's rank. A single Trophy Box will be given to all Guild members that have been registered at the beginning of the siege battle. According to the Guild rank, from one to four Shiny Trophy Boxes will be included in the rewards. Shiny Trophy Box include one Premium Item and a 5 or 6 star Rune.

The amount of Crystals and Guild Points available will be assigned accordingly to the Siege Points and the contribution by player.

The number Crystals a players will be rewarded is equal to: Total Siege Points collected by the guild * A percentage based on the amount of Crystals given to the Guild's Grade * Contribution to the Siege Battle of the single player

Guild Points are awarded to player in the same way as Crystals, but the percentage of guild points based on guild's grade is different from the one of the crystals.

Siege Battle further informations and videos

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bestsummoner Profile Image
16 January 2018 14:30
WIth siege war me and most of my guildmate had to focus in a lot of new monsters, personally i found siege playable only after building Copper, Bulldozer, Imesety (Top SIege war defense but useful even in attack) and obviously Khmun. Adding these units to my 6 stars   made me capable of giving a decent contribution. 

I suggest every player even new ones to play siege because the return in Guild Points and Crystal are very valuable, now i can upgrade flags in the guild shop without sacrifing other things (rainbowmon and leg pieces)
KainMH3 Profile Image
16 January 2018 15:07

You should have been banned from Summoners War for not having developed Khmun and Buldozer before XD XD.

I don´t find Copper a real need for me, instead I´m thinking in Kahli, and concerning Imesety, I should have been banned from SW when I fed all the wind Horus I got fom the HoH to skill up Qebehsenuef :( I really regret not saving one for the storage in that moment.

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