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An average C3-G1 guild should have around a 40% success ratio in Siege battles. Usually it´s a 1 win–1 defeat or 1 win–2 defeats ratio. That said, a guild leader should know when his guild have chances to win before the battle starts. 

This is important for battle planning: 

  • If you think your guild has high chances of being defeated, you can plan a defensive strategy in the monster placement. Usually front bases have the best teams as they are going to be the first line of defense, but you can plan i ton the opposite, using the best defenses in the inner bases. Then the enemy will use good monsters to attack your front line and may have truble to face strong defenses in the second line, allowing you to resist more time and gain points without being harassed. This strategy should be taken only if defeat chances are high based on the guild ranking before the battle. 
  • If you think your guild can set up a fight, use your very best defenses in the front line, specially in bases 8, 10 and 12. Usually those bases are the enemy´s main objective. Do not rush to attack, go step by step and try to be able to defend every base you conquer. Do not spam your attacks and conquer a lot of bases in the first hours, as the enemy may easily cut the line of your conquers by taking 1-2 bases and you´ll have no monsters left to recover them. Unless you´re pretty sure of your victory, save some monsters for the second half of the battle. This is an advice based on true facts! 
  • Be polite in the Siege battle chat. You may think this is obvious or not necessary, but I´ve recruited people for my guild just by sending a compliment on their defenses or by calming down an argument in the chat. My guild has also a kind of “brotherhood” with another guild we´ve met several times in the siege battles, and chatting with them have become friendly and fun.  


Whether in attack or defense, there are certain bases that are an object of desire by any guild. Those bases are the 8th, 10th and 12th. 8th and 12th are 4* bases, and 10th is the “point of the spear” in your map layout. 

Why are those bases so important? Because of the path connections with others. Owning those bases will mean your frontiers are well protected, and conquering the enemy ones will mean you have an advantage over him when planning the next base to attack. 

So always use your best shots to defend that bases and always try to get the enemy ones if posible. A “non written” rule is that if your guild cant take an enemy 4* base, you won´t be able to defeat that guild. But of course, there are exceptions… 

Attacking those bases should be hard, so expect hard resistance and save your main teams to fight the enemy defenses there. Conquering the 10th and the 4* base of an enemy will always give your guild 1 hour of peace and advantage in the path to victory. 

Also when attacking keep an eye on an enemy come back. Sometimes guildies are too anxious to conquer enemy bases, then the enemy counterstrikes and your guild has no effective teams to recover main bases, so you started with 18 bases and end with 9 and no chances to fight. A good tactic is talk with other guild members and save some of them for the second half in order to have a backup of attacks just in case you need to recover a key base or to cut enemy points by conquering 1-2 bases that link their advance. 

In large guilds with a good percentage of active siege attackers, it can be a pain trying to set an attack team just to find out a guildie is already attacking that defense. In order to avoid this annoying waste of times some guilds have developed an easy system to "mark" the attacks, wich is writting in the GUILD chat (not the SIEGE chat) the base and team you´re going to hit. So i.e. if you write "Y9-5" means that you´re going to set an attack on base YELLOW 9, 5th defense team. Then your guild mates will know you´re pointing there and can choose any other defense to attack without crashing with your interests. May seem simple, but it´s an easy system that works and saves time while you attack, specially as I´ve said before in large and active guilds. 


Here we will focus in DEFENSIVE teams you can build with "easy to get" or "non- rare" monsters. Of course, owning units like Betta, Artamiel, Hwadam, Amarna, Iris, Radgoll, etc makes your life much easier, but the objective of this section is planning decent defense teams that any mid-game player can build and use without de need of a rare nat5 or L/D monster. 

4 Star bases: 

  • Susano (L)/Orion/Garo

    You can farm Susano, while Garo and Orion are very common nat4 monsters. The point of this defense is that it´s difficult to find a decent counter for it, and even if you find one it will be used once, but this defense is easy to spam in a base, so having 5 identical teams can be a pain for the enemy guild. This defense is based in speed and Orion´s randomness. Garo is better built in Vampire for an optimum performance here, and Susano can use any set: Swift, Rage, Fatal or even a broken one that can give him the stats needed.

    How to counter:

    You can use the same team and pray for your Orion to be faster than the enemy. Also if you feel you can outspeed the defense, a Khmun/Orion/Stella is a great counter as Stella can oneshot any of the enemies easily, but if the enemy orion moves first your strategy can be easily spoiled. Using monsters with Will+Shield runes can help a lot surviving Orion´s S3 in the first  turn. But remember that any tactic you use here must have a multi-hit monster or the enemy Garo will merciless solo your entire team. 
  • Khmun(L)/Orion/Nuker

    This is a general defense that works really well, and also a good attack team. You can easily get the initiative with a speed boosted Orion that can break defense on an enemy so the nuker can oneshot in the first turn. The only thing to mention here is that the nuker should be a fast one, or an enemy debuff can stun or freeze him, making him useless for the kill. Nukers here can be Garo, Stella, Hwa... any other 3/4+ monster that can move fast right after the brownie magician. Consider also Hraesvelg here.

    How to counter:

    Usually using a full water team with healers/cleansers like Mihyang, or duplicating the enemy setup and praying to be faster than the enemy. Khmun/Orion/Xiao Lin usually works too if the enemy nuker is a fire one. 
  • Skogul/Triana/3rd monster

    Another general defense not very difficult to get that works well if Skogul is on will runes. The only point of this defense is getting Skogul alive 2 turns so he can blast the enemy with his Atlas Stone. Will runes are a must to avoid a stun or freeze before he can launch the stone and Triana should be able to make him survive until the stone drops. Concerning the 3rd monster, many people like to use Racuni, wich is a smart choice specially in offense as you can force the Harg to give Skogul a fast extra turn. However IA is not that smart so in a defense other kind of monsters, specially HP leaders like Draco or Eshir might be considered. Last comment here is that if you can use Hwadam/Betta as the 3rd monster, this defense can be nearly indestructible.

    How to counter:

    Main option is use a Stall with enough Hp/shield to survive the stone. Eshir(L)/Acasis/Jultan can be an example of 3 monsters built on HP that can survive the first stone while trying to kill the enemy team. Another option is relying in a CC on Skogul. That can be performed with rare monsters like Martina or Belita, but they´re not easy to get. Eshir can also clean the inmunity of Skogul, then he must be followed by a CC attack... there are many options but all them have their risk. 
  • Olivia(L)/Racuni/Bulldozer or *Bulldozer(L)/Copper/Imesety:

    Those are defense based teams with great sustain that can spoil some attack strategies.
    All are easy to get and might have some room for imagination, like using Emma instead of Olivia or Imesety, even using Orion as DEF lead to get some speed advantage.

    How to counter:

    Usually these teams are Lushened. Use Bernard/Lushen and Megan or Quebehsenuef and pray to oneshot at least two of them. 
  • Jultan(L)/Belladeon/Eshir ("The Wolf team")

    A defense/attack team with amazing synergy that can be a real pain to counter. Two healers, two defense breakers, to heal blockers and depending on the build, one or two nukers (some people uses a damage build for Jultan). Easy to get, easy to skill and difficult to defeat. 

    How to counter:

    Use fast monsters with enough sustain. Both Eshir and Jultan can block the healing and both Jultan and Belladeon can break defense with S1, so plan your team carefully, aiming to oneshot any of them in the first turn. If you think you can stand the first round you can also use a DEF based team like the ones above to nuke them with Dozer/Copper or both. You can also try to Lushen them. 

    5 Star (regular) bases: 

    • Khmun (L)/Theomars/Healer or Orion or Nuker

      This is maybe the mos famous siege defense. In the first team, a healer (usually Chasun) gives support to Theomars. A large list of monsters can be used here, starting by Chasun, but also Woosa, Eladriel, Betta and Ritesh are commoly used. In the second option, Orion is used to grant the initiative and maybe with luck a stun or def break. The last team includes a second nuker in the party, usually (but not only) a fast Ethna. These teams might not be difficult to counter once/twice per player but if properly spammed through the front bases can be difficult to finish as not every player of the opposing guilds might face them with guarantees. Besides, that defenses usually deplete the "good" mosters pool of the enemy attackers, as you must use some decent units to have good options to kill them before the defending Theomars start getting extra turns like crazy... 

    Concerning other defense teams, it´s nearly impossible to give a list as it will always depend on the nat5 monsters every player has. As a general rule, 3-element defenses are more difficult to defeat than 2-element ones, and also as a general rule, do not use single element defenses as they are easily countered. Also as a general rule, monsters like Seara, Rakan, Mo Long and Feng Yan are great leaders for siege defenses.

    Some examples of good synergy teams are the following (All 3-element teams): 

    Written by KainMH3

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