Summoners War Trial of Ascension (TOA) Guide

Summoners War TOA Guide

Trial of Ascension (TOA) is a PvE area in Summoners War. You can find it on the Battle Map near Cairos Dungeon: players can unlock it once they reach level 15.
Once you click on the Trial of Ascension Area, a window menu will appear: from there you can select the difficulty and the floor you’re going to face.
As of 07 December 2023 Trial of Ascension consists of 100 floors (or stages) of increasing difficulty as players advance. Starting at floor one, players can access to the subsequent floor by defeating all of the three waves of monsters that compose one single level. For each floor, the first two waves are composed by 5 monsters each and the last one can have a boss. At stages multiple of 10 players will encounter a special boss (immune to incapacitating effects and continuous damage). ToA has two different difficulties: Normal mode and Hard mode.

Both modes reset at the same time, every 30 days, on the 15th day of the month. Unlike other PvE areas, players cannot revive their monsters using 10 Crystals, and cannot call upon a friend's monster for help. Starting a battle for each stage consumes energy , the amount of which depends on the number of the floor challenged as the following table indicates:

Toa Floor Energy Cost
1-20 3
21-40 4
41-60 5
61-80 6
81-100 7

ToA Rewards

Players can win various kind of rewards by clearing a stage for the first time:
In Common stages (i.e. from 1st floor to 4th floor and from 6th floor to 9th floor, and so on for every set of ten) players get one summoning stone;
Every 5 stages (5th floor, 15th floor, 25th floor and so on) players get crystals by 5, 10, 15 and so on;
On stages multiple of 10 the rewards are the following:

Stage Reward
Stage 10 Energy ×50
Stage 20 Rainbowmon 3-Star (Max) ×1
Stage 30 Mystical Scroll ×1
Stage 40 Crystal ×100
Stage 50 Mystical Scroll ×2
Stage 60 Rainbowmon 4-Star (Max) ×1
Stage 70 Devilmon ×1
Stage 80 Crystal ×300
Stage 90 Light & Darkness Scroll ×1
Stage 100 Legendary Scroll ×1

These rewards are the same both for ToA normal and ToA hard mode.
Additionally by completing a stage players win also mana stones in proportion to the number of the stage cleared.
Players can return to a previous floor which has been cleared at no energy cost, but this will give no reward.
When the Trial of Ascension resets, it cancels the player's progress in the tower, allowing players to receive rewards again.
Moreover, the order of floors is rearranged with every reset, so monsters found in one floor may instead be found on another floor.

Toa Floors

Players must complete each floor in order to get to the top.
The Trial of Ascension is split in 10 sections of 10 floors each which must be cleared to advance to the next section. At the end of every 10 floors there is a boss (that’s the hardest part of ToA): although there are other monsters with the boss, you can go straight to the boss and ignore the rest, since only the boss itself needs to be defeated.

Moreover, each floor has 3 stages or waves of monsters, with the first two stages of five monsters each and the third stage containing a mini-boss and up to four other monsters which must also be defeated in order to advance. At the end of ToA, on floor 100, player must defeat the ToA boss which ca be Ath'taros (male version) or Lyrith (female version), each of them having its own mechanics.

For further information on how to beat them read down below When ToA resets, all section of floors are reassigned a part from Lyrith’s or Ath'taros’ floors, which are always the last section (from floor 91 to 100). ToA has two different pool of floors from which bosses are assigned to each section, here is a chart illustrating one year of ToA floors rearrangements:

Ath'taros ToA stages:

Floor Nov 2016 Oct 2016 Sep 2016 Aug 2016 Jul 2016 Jun 2016 May 2016 Apr 2016 Mar 2016 Feb 2016
Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard Norm
10 Zeratu Laima Laima Chow Chow Zeratu Chow Laima Zeratu Laima
20 Chow Chow Zeratu Laima Laima Chow Zeratu Chow Chow Zeratu
30 Laima Zeratu Chow Zeratu Zeratu Laima Laima Zeratu Laima Chow
40 Xing Zhe Aschubel Julianne Halphas Sylvia Seara Craka Julianne Aschubel Seara
50 Halphas Lora and Charlotte Lora and Charlotte Xing Zhe Lora and Charlotte Poseidon Halphas Craka Seara Julianne
60 Sylvia Poseidon Poseidon Sylvia Xing Zhe Craka Julianne Seara Lora and Charlotte Craka
70 Seara Sylvia Craka Lora and Charlotte Craka Xing Zhe Lora and Charlotte Aschubel Julianne Halphas
80 Poseidon Xing Zhe Seara Julianne Poseidon Halphas Seara Halphas Craka Lora and Charlotte
90 Craka Seara Aschubel Poseidon Seara Sylvia Aschubel Lora and Charlotte Halphas Aschubel
100 Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros Ath'taros

Lyrith’s ToA stages

Floor Nov 2016 Oct 2016 Sep 2016 Aug 2016 Jul 2016 Jun 2016 May 2016 Apr 2016 Mar 2016 Feb 2016
Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard Norm Hard
10 Hrungnir Brandia Camilla Brandia Hrungnir Camilla Camilla Hrungnir Brandia Brandia
20 Camilla Hrungnir Brandia Camilla Brandia Hrungnir Brandia Brandia Camilla Hrungnir
30 Brandia Camilla Hrungnir Hrungnir Camilla Brandia Hrungnir Camilla Hrungnir Camilla
40 Artamiel Chiwu Woonsa Jamire Chiwu Woonsa Jamire Woonsa Artamiel Woonsa
50 Asima Woonsa Chiwu Woonsa Woonsa Chiwu Woonsa Chiwu Woonsa Veromos
60 Woonsa Artamiel Asima Artamiel Jamire Veromos Asima Artamiel Veromos Artamiel
70 Veromos Jamire Jamire Chiwu Artamiel Jamire Artamiel Veromos Jamire Jamire
80 Jamire Asima Artamiel Veromos Veromos Asima Chiwu Asima Asima Chiwu
90 Chiwu Veromos Veromos Asima Asima Artamiel Veromos Jamire Chiwu Asima
100 Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith Lyrith

As you can see both in Lyrith’s and in Ath'taros’ types of ToA stages, the bosses of 10th, 20th and 30th floor are always the same, rearranged randomly each time ToA restarts. For Lyrith’s ToA stages we have:

Then: For Ath'taros’ ToA stages we have: Then 6 boss among these:

Summoners war ToA 100 floor boss: how to defeat Lyrith and Ath'taros

How to defeat Lyrith

At first sight, Lyrith may seem quite a tricky boss to defeat.
She posseses the power of 3 clones of herself (called split incarnations): red, green and blue, each with particular powers and abilities.

Red incarnation - Incarnation of Vendetta: Instantly Counterattacks with Mind Break on every incoming attack. Skill: Destructive Impulse which attacks all enemies provoking them for 1 turn with a 50% chance.

Green incarnation - Incarnation of Greed: Recovers 100% of the damage done to the enemy. When attacked, absorbs and recovers up to 25% of the Attack Bar. Skill: Sign of Doom which attacks all enemies with the power of Doom.

Blue incarnation - Incarnation of Protection: Increases the Defense by a substantial amount, and reduces the incoming damage that the allies take by 15%.Skill: The Words of Evil which Attacks with Pure Evil and stuns the target for 1 turn. Damage Increases according to defense.

At the beginning of the fight Lyrith has the power of all three of them together.
At the beginning of her third turn, Lyrith uses Incarnation Split: she randomly summons 2 of the 3 incarnations within and removes all harmful effects. Each Incarnation will have its own skill and characteristics and will merge with Lyrith after 5 turns. (Reusable in 3 turn(s)).
The Incarnation Merge is a Passive skill that merges her with Split Incarnations and removes all harmful effects. Every Merged Incarnation will grant permanent stats, but will be stunned for one turn if there are no incarnations to merge with. Incarnation split will be reusable in 2 turns after this skill has been used.

Always try to stun all the splitted incarnation. While stunned they lose their powers (i.e. the green one will not absorb the attack bar). Try not to directly hit the green one if she’s not stunned (or Lyrith if she has the green incarnation inside her). Stun is also good against the red one since she counterattacks.
Use defense break against the blue one to kill her fast and if she is split kill her first, because she reduce incoming damage to all her allies.
You will need also consistent healblock to counter self-healing ability of the green one and also Lyrith.

An example of team can be:

How to defeat Ath'taros

Ath'taros is easier than Lyrith but ignoring some of his features can be dangerous. Let’s see his skills:

Guillotine Smites the enemy, removing 1 Beneficial Effect and decreasing Attack Speed and Attack Power for 3 turns.

Xenocide Strikes all enemies, decreasing their Defense for 3 turns. (Reusable in 3 turn(s))

Fatal Flames (Passive) Counterattacks the enemies with burning flames and recovers a certain amount of damage as HP. [Automatic Effect]

Almighty Removes all Harmful Effects and permanently increases the Attack Power, Defense, and Attack Speed according to the number of Harmful Effect removed.

Moreover Ath'taros there are two crystals on Ath'taros stage:

Left Crystal - Recovery Disturbance Crystal Disturbs the HP Recovery of the enemies for 2 turns by a certain chance.
Right Crystal - Acceleration Crystal Increases the Attack Bar of the Boss by a certain amount.

Since Ath'taros main threat is his persistent buff as he gains turn, it’s very important to bring with your team a speed debuff and/or a attack bar decreaser. For this purpose Hwa, Spectra and Baretta are good choices Also heal block is essential to be consistent with damage inflicted.
Go for the right crystal first, then straight on Ath'taros, keeping his attack bar low, plus heal block him and try to slow his speed.

Example team

Generic Floor ToA guide

Since you will encounter various monsters inside ToA and since on higher stages killing mob will become very difficult we suggest to use monsters with the following features:

Toa Debuffs

Continous damage: at higher stages mobs will have 50+ hp and more and also high defense value (lvl of monster will be 60+). Dots will be the only way of dealing consistent damage. Bring at least two monsters with AoE dot skills. Best at this purpose: Baretta, Thrain, Mantura, Rica, Zaiross

Stun/freeze: high level monster means high threat to your team, at higher level of toA mobs can oneshot some of your allies. Stun and freeze AoE skills save your party. Must have skills for ToA. Take at least 2 consistent Stunner/Despair units. Good at this role: Tyron, Mantura(Despair), Briand (Despair), Thrain, Veromos.

Speed break: lower speed on enemies means less turn for them ando increases your chance to urvive and put more dots over them. Good for this purpose: Aria, Mantura, Spectra
Decrease attack bar: works very well in combo with stuns and/or decrease speed, making your team playing over and over again. Good monsters at this role: Spectra, Woochi, Verad

Glancing hit and Attack break: these two effects will help you if you can’t rely too much on the stun/freeze/decrease attack bar/slow speed on enemies. These can be necessary if your team is too squishy. Good monster for these effects: Aria, Mantura, Tyron

Defense break: can be useful if you have some aoe nuker (perhaps on despair rune set), but it’s not that fundamental. Useful for Speed run at higher level/end game. Best at this purpose: galleon, Mantura

Provoke: skill to be used against some nasty high level boss. Best at this purpose: Basalt, Mav, ahman

Bombs: remember: bombs do stun when they explode, which is great in ToA! Plus they do a shitload of damage! Awesome feature for your team. Best at this role: Seara, Jojo, Liebli

Toa Buffs

Speed increase: more turns, more stuns, more dots, go faster. Very useful effect for your team. Best at this role Mav, Bernard

Defense increase and shield: better chance of surviving, sounds good, isn’t it? Very good effect if you can’t keep enemies stunned. Good mosnters for this role: Emma, Woosa

Immunity: good effect to have on your team, but not necessary (can be situationally very good for some boss). Good for this role: Chloe, Delphoi

Example of team

Baretta (L) Despair/Focus: awesome AoE miultiple dots skill plus second skill resets attack bar to 0 very good especially against bosses.
Emma Violent/energy or Violent/nemesis: very good heal plus defense buff and shield: one of the best healer of the game, in ToA works probably even better than chasun with that double buff. Plus glancing hit and remove beneficial effects on second skill can be good against some boss.
Mav: Violent/Focus or Violent /energy with lots of speed: one of the toA good even if thre star nat, but he’s very easy to skill up. Third skill is a game changer in combo with other allies can be very god to stack multiple dots/various effects
Mantura (Dark Serpent)Despair/focus or Despair/energy: very good monster easy to skill up with 2 aoe skills, hence the despair set on him is a must. Speed decrease on all enemies, defense break AoE plus dots, this monster is very good for Toa
Briand: Despair/Energy: good reviver plus despair set grants him an AoE stun with attack break on all enemies

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