What are the best monster to focus on at the beginning in Summoners War?

Top 10 monsters on early game

This is a simple guide for the top ten farmable monsters players should be trying to get and working on in Summoners War. All of these monsters are 2 or 3 star and players can easily get them before level 25-30.

Natural 3 star monster, droppable at Tamor Desert. Bernard is one of the best monsters in the game: he is simply a must have, Bernard will be your best speed buffer from early to late game. You can easily find him also with Unknown scrolls and Social summons. Bernard is best runed with Swift runes: you will use this set on him from early to late game so you can invest some mana on power upping his runes. Since he is a speed based monster you need Speed on rune 2, %HP on rune 4 and rune 6 both %HP and %accuracy are good. His third skill is the one to max level up as fast as you can, so it’s good to feed him by farming himself at Tamor Desert. Good for PvP and PvE.
Natural 2 star monster, get her in Unknown Scroll or in the Magic Shop. Shannon is one of the best buffer in early and midgame, but she can have also some spot in late game. She can buff ally’s attack and defense with third skill, her second skill is a AoE speed debuff on all enemies and then her first skill can put glancing hit debuff on single target. Since she has an AoE attack that has 3 turn cooldown on max skill-up Shannon can be built with Despair runes and Energy runes for better sustain, later then you can switch on Focus runes. She is very good in Giant dungeon since paired with Bernard-Wind Griffon provides buffs and debuffs necessary to the party. She performs better in PvE than PvP. Very good for early stages of ToA.
Natural 2 star, you can get him easily in Unknown Scroll or in the Magic Shop. Konamiya is a really good support monster. He will be your best cleanser from early to late game. His third skill is simply amazing: removes weakening effects on all allies plus 15% max HP heal on all allies on 3 turn cooldown when max skilled. On early game rune him with Swift runes and Energy runes, later you may switch to Violent runes set. Konamiya is good for dungeons (very good for dragon B10) and Raid battles (you need him here since he is a good cleanser).
Natural 2 star, you can get him easily in Unknown Scroll or in the Magic Shop. Colleen is a great support monster, she will be one of the best healer in early game that you will have and it is really good to invest on her since she will be in your end game teams for Necropolis Dungeon and Raid Battle. Rune her with Energy x2 plus Revenge set in early game, later switch on Violent set runes
Natural 3 star, you can get him in Light and Dark Scrolls or by collecting his pieces in his Secret dungeon. Belladeon is one of the best support monsters in the game, you will use it pretty much everywhere from the beginning to end game. He can do a wide range of things: defense break on first skill, remove beneficial effect on second skill and on third skill mass heal plus attack bar increase on all allies. Rune him vith Violent plus Revenge set runes, Energy or Swift set on early stages of the game if you can afford Violent runes. Farm other Inugami in Faimon Volcano, Garen Forest and Telain Forest scenarios to level up his skills.
Natural 3 star, droppable at Faimon Volcano. Raoq will almost certainly be your first farmer because he has a good passive skill that allows him to get another turn when he kills the enemy. You will use it in scenarios for farming, Secret dungeons, as main attacker in dungeons and in PvP offense in the early stages. Later he can be fused to get the Ling Ling (Wind Kung Fu Girl) fusion and later the Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior) fusion. Rune him Fatal plus Blade at the beginning, later you may use Violent or Rage rune sets. Like as Belladeon farm other Inugami in Faimon Volcano, Garen Forest and Telain Forest scenarios to level up his skills.
Natural 3 star, you can get him in Light and Dark Scrolls or by collecting his pieces in his Secret dungeon. Darion is a great HP tank monster, you will use it from the beginning to the end game. He is good pretty much everywhere thanks to his passive that reduces incoming damage to all other allies (Darion excluded) by 15%. Rune him Energy x2 plus Revenge runes. Puts HP% on 2nd and 6th slot and %Crit damage on 4th slot. Counterattack on him is good since he has a first skill with defense break. Skill up him with other Vagabond that you can find on unknown scrolls and at the magic shop.
Natural 3 star, you can get him in Light and Dark Scrolls or by collecting his pieces in his Secret dungeon. Ahman is one of the best healer in Early/Mid game thanks to his passive that heal all allies by 12% of Ahman’s Max HP when the Light Bearman land a critical hit. For that reason you will have to put Blade set runes and on him and a rune on slot 4 with %Crit rate: try to get as much crit rate as possible (capped at 100%). Skilling up him is not necessary since he relies on his third skill but can be useful. Use Energy set runes to fill up rune slots on early game but later switch on Violent set runes.
Natural 2 star, everyone starts with him, droppable at Faimon. His third skill is great for PvP offense (players use him in arena offense also in mid/late game). For this reason Sieq is good also in Dungeon. In early game Sieq is best runed Swift/Blade or Fatal/Blade with speed in slot 2 and %attack in slots 4 and 6. Level upping his skills is easy since he is droppable in Faimon, you can buy him at the magic shop and he can be found in the unknown scrolls
Natural 2 star, droppable at Chiruka Remains. You can get him easily in Unknown scrolls or in the magic shop. Ramagos is a good HP tank monster, you will use him in early/mind game and occasionally in late game. He has a great third skill which inflicts the amount of HP Ramagos has lost as damage and he gains an extra turn if the enemy dies. His second skill is a self heal by 30% of Max HP plus a increase defense for 2 turns. On early game rune him with Energy set x 3 with %HP on 2, 4 and 6 slot, later use Vampire set rune to be competitive in PvP. He can solo Giant B10 with proper rune set (Vampire for self sustain with great resistance substats).
Other useful monsters in the early stages of the game are:

Your opinions

DocileCraig Profile Image
24 May 2017 21:52
I feel like Veromos, Sigmarus, and Baretta should be on this list. More so after reading the description of "farmable monsters players should be trying to get and working on in Summoners War" Each of those monsters holds value in early stages of the game, and later stages of the game where as putting energy into Sieq, or Raoq wouldn't end up helping in the long run at all. I also have honorable mentions with ShuShu ( water Howl) for the same reasons as Lulu only no elemental disadvantage, and Sia as she won't help you down the line in later game, but has a fairly solid toolkit for an early game monster including CC and attack bar reduction AoE while also being easy to skill up.
KainMH3 Profile Image
25 May 2017 17:46
@DocileCraig the title of the guide clearly states that is EARLY GAME (level 1-30) oriented. I cant imagine a early gamer trying to fuse Veromos or Sigmarus at lever 25 i. e. Any Nat5, even the ones you can get by fusion are mid game units in the best case. The guide is to help begginers to focus in useful 2*-3* monsters and avoid feeding them by mistake. Once you have enough resources to evolve your first 6* then you can focus on more demanding units like the ones you mention.
A_L3NU2 Profile Image
07 May 2019 15:44

I was an idiot when i was lvl 20-30 and i FOODED A TRIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Im sad ;-;

DocileCraig Profile Image
08 June 2017 05:07
@KainMH3 I've seen people with Veromose summoned at level 30 - not to mention that level has nothing to do with progression and clearing GB10 at this point of the game is in essence the beginning of the end game. Focusing time and resouces on many monster of the list is at this point (pre plausable 3 star arena) is a waste of time. Any time I see new users looking for help, I tell them what monsters they should look towards (mainly the standard GB10 team) Veromose,Baretta, Belladeon, and Bernard as they have use in more than one situation. If you go into the game focused on say 6 staring Raoq as many will still tell people to 6 star their farmer first, you're setting people up to not be able to farm runes efficiantly, aswell as sitting there with a 6 star monster that isn't really good for anything. 
KainMH3 Profile Image
10 June 2017 15:08

I think we both have very different opinions about what Early Game means. Anyway, 6/10 of the monsters on the guide are perfectly usable in late game, specially Raoq that is a top NB10 nuker while a monster like Sigmarus is easily outnumbered by a 2* nat like Tarq in  late GB10 dungeon teams.


Anyway, there are more strategies to carry on a Summoner´s team and all of them are valid, si I feel we only disagree in timing ;)

DocileCraig Profile Image
11 June 2017 03:54

I am thinking we definitely do have a different idea on where "early game" ends, and where "Mid Game" begins. In my opinion "Mid Game" starts when you have a solid working GB10 team where you can auto and ignore without wasting energy. 

I think of mid game (a point I'm not at yet, but getting there) as when you can start looking at dragons and raids without people rolling their eyes at you. and late game as the R5/pushing into high-end PVP/RTA


I did a check on what you said about Raoq and only see him used on stage 5 as a top 15 used monster for successful runs. He may be able to turn into a decent farmer - but that's not until built with significant runes that would better serve something that will get you runes. If I was going to point newer players to monsters they can get easily in early game, I would suggest using flame inugami as food for their Belladeon, then to hold onto one for later when they are at a point where fusing Xiong Fei (a monster much more suited to NB10, and raiding) 


Also the only reason Tarq gets used as a nuker is because of his group hunt ability - and that only comes in handy when you're looking at making speed teams, with monsters already well runed and able to clear everything before Tarq dies. Bringing one into a dungeon before doing significant GB10 farming would be a waste of energy. I myself have on in storage awakened and fully skilled up - and he's going to sit there until he actually has a purpose. 

I don't mean to trash on the monsters presented as all of them have a time and place where they will help in progression (and I use the word progression meaning beyond clearing scenarios and pushing into rune farming, a necessary part of the game) Following progression from 'clearing scenario > building a GB10 team > working on ToA Normal > starting on Dragons' Many of the monsters presented on this list have no place, and not having Veromos on the list along with monsters that will help forming that GB 10 team is misinformation that wastes the time and resources of newer players - more so if they choose not to spend money on the game. and the added note that Ramagos can solo GB10 for a list intended for "new players" is only going to confuse those who don't understand the importance of selective sub-states and just how powerful they are, even saying "with proper rune set" leaves this as misleading information at best in context. 

KainMH3 Profile Image
11 June 2017 09:26

@DocileCraig: "Following progression from 'clearing scenario > building a GB10 team > working on ToA Normal > starting on Dragons' Many of the monsters presented on this list have no place". So you suggest to do all those with the units given al the start of the game? Is your GB10 team composed by a water fairy, a fire hellhound, a wind vagabond a light Garuda and the new gifted water magic knight? If you think so, please I encourage you to do a guide about it cause it will be very interesting to read and follow.


I dont also think youre going to farm all the resources needed to fuse, evolve and awake Veromos with a water fairy, a fire hellhound, a wind vagabond a light Garuda and a water magic knight. But again, if you can do it, please, tell me how, cause I find it almost impossible.

Maybe the monsters presented to you have no place in your strategy, but all of them are much better than the 3 units given at the begining of the game, and thats the purpose of the guide, to help beginners choose some usable units, and at least 5/6 of the ones listed are used in late game so I cant see your point when you say its a waste of reources to build them. Indeed, I think youre quite wrong if you think it´s a aste of resources building units like Bernard, Darion, Belladeon, Colleen and Konamiya.


If theres one monster that is really missing in this begginers guide is not Veromos, Sigmarus or Baretta, it´s Megan, a very easy to get and useful monster in the early stages of the game and in your first GB10 team along with Shannon, Bernard and (maybe) Kona that are already listed.


I wont make any further comment here as my point is already explained: I understand this is a guide with some very good monsters worth to develop once you´re thrown into an island with 3 units, a tutorial, a lot of work to do and no experience at all. I would have loved to have this information when I was a begginer, and I really think it helps as it is. I also think fusing Veromos as soon as possible is a real must, as I´ve already written in the Veromos comment, but I am trully convinced that it´s a task far away from the objectives of an early game player.


I´ve summoned and developed all the units in the list, and from all them I´ve only fed Ahman and Shannon as I got better units that can perfectly substitute them. Ive used all the others in mid-late game except Ramagos that helped me a lot in early PvP and I keep him only by nostalgy. But he´s 100% worth to develop and use in the first stages of the game.


Bubbles Profile Image
16 November 2017 13:52
Dang man
alstonsliu Profile Image
05 April 2018 02:46

Veromos actually takes some time to get if you don't buy anything with money, but now that there are fusion missions it is a lot easier to get vero because the main problem is to get the mosters, then you just need to farm in order to summon vero which takes patience

StrayCat Profile Image
08 September 2018 02:28

Thanks for the guide.  Very helpful.

Battlemon Profile Image
09 May 2019 23:58

Is this still up to date?

KainMH3 Profile Image
10 May 2019 18:28

At least BERNARD, KONA, BELLADEON and COLLEEN are still a must have in late game. You can choose to develop any of the others, but those four are really good even in conqueror rank.

Bernard is still a great ATB buffer and leader for Lushen/Katarina teams.

Konamiya is used in Raid and Tartarus

Bella is an all around monster, specially for siege, but I´ve found him utility in Labyrinth too

Colleen is also all around use, but she´s a must for Guilles battle in Laby.

martinuy Profile Image
12 May 2019 02:24

And don't forget about Darion, he is used raids thanks to his passive and debuffs. He is actually better now that his passive is 20% dmg reduction.

Colleen is amazingly usefull, she was a complet surprise for me. The type of monster that makes you say "why didn't I build her before?"

biggreencow Profile Image
25 June 2019 15:03

Just a little update: Bernard, Shannon, Kona, Colleen, and Rakaja are all straight-up given to you through the Challenge missions.  You dont need to farm them, just complete the missions. 

Also as a personal note, I believe that Lulu is amazing and recommend that everyone build him.  Hes super easy to skill and awaken and worth the time.

SaintAemilian Profile Image
22 August 2021 19:41

Why do you insist on claiming that Belladeon is male when she's not.

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