Summoners War News and Updates

Summoners War keeps changing and evolving over time, here you can find the updated list of upcoming content, rumors about the game and scheduled patches or new version to come.

Update: Read skills and stats for Lightning Emperor and Giant Warrior (also Knowledge effect details are available) Summoners War v4.1.2 has been updated. Please check below for details! v4.1.2 Update Details  New Mon ..
Update: Read skills and stats for Lightning Emperor and Giant Warrior (also Knowledge effect details are available)   Com2Us has some good news, perhaps one of the things that you've all been waiting for, to introduce in this developer's note. ..
This time the skills are official, the light Ifrit Elsharion comes as real game changer (lucky who saved the Ancient Coins!), Light Ifrit's Official Skills Mega smashAttacks with magical powers and inflicts continuous damage for 2 turns with a 50% cha ..
Summoners War v4.0.0 has been updated.  v4.0.5 Update Details  Monster Skill Balancing An additional modification has been made and some contexts were omitted from the Monster Balancing and Improvements notice. We ask for your kind understand ..
Highlights for September balance patch: (Leave your opinion!) Akhamamir (Wind Ifrit)This added effect makes him a more effective AoE nuker hwhen paired with Galleon (Pirate Captain) esepecially in arena cleave teams and Giant B10 Brandia (Fire Polar ..
UPDATE: new monters released! Two new monster's families are going to be released this summer in summoners war. First kind (the one on the left of the image) is a 4 star natural monster and is called Dryad and the second one (right of the image) is a 5 ..
Summoners War v4.0.0 has been updated.  v4.0.0 Update Details  Please check below for details! The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS) Details can be checked through the maintenance no ..
UPDATE: Labyrinth Guide for Summoners War released Are you ready to check out the third part of the upcoming update developer's note? This update's developer's notes got longer because we had a lot to talk about the major update.  It was ..
UPDATE: Labyrinth Guide for Summoners War released   We are here today to talk about the second part of the upcoming update. The official title has been decided after our developer's note part 1 was released. The Ancient Labyrinth is now called a ..
UPDATE: Labyrinth Guide for Summoners War released Hello! News are coming from developers (tomorrow youtube Com2us channel will presenting the dev conference, can't wait for more content yup?) In the meanwhile you can see a little trailer for ..