Rift Drop Rates Improvements and Guild Bosses

Rift Drop Rates Improvements and Guild Bosses
News: Rift Drop Rates Improvements and Guild Bosses

Com2Us is back with another developer's note to talk about the Rift Raid improvement that will be made via the late May update.



Move to the battle places of your choice! The [Gateway] building UI will be improved.



It's known that if you teleport through the Gateway, you can transcend time and space and reach to the places in the blink of an eye.

It's a basic building given to users during the tutorial. The building UI will be improved to let users move to various types of battle content directly through the Gateway building.


You can move to the places such as [Trial of Ascension, Cairos Dungeon, Rift Raid, Rift Dungeons, and World Boss] through the Gateway on the Sky Island.


We hope you like what the improvements we made on the UI! Now, let's get to the main content of this update - the Rift Raid improvement.


Convenience improved! [Rift Raid] related convenience will be improved.


The Rift Raid related convenience will be improved with the party matching feature, allowing users to join the raid party more easily. 

Please see below for the details.


- The [Join Party] function button will be changed to the [Match Party] button.

Previously, users had to tap the [Join Party], move to the waiting screen and wait for the party to be completed.

With the new improvement, the party matching will begin when you tap the [Match Party] Button. While the party matching is in progress, you don't have to wait in the raid waiting screen and can move back to the Summoner's island to use other non-battle content (Monster summoning, evolution, rune power-up, make a wish, etc.) and wait for the party matching to be completed.


You will be able to move to the Rift Raid through the Gateway, so it will be a lot easier to use the raid party matching function from the Sky Island!


While the matching is in progress, a small info screen will appear at the top of the screen and you'll be able to check the party matching status at any time. 

In addition, you can tap the info screen to cancel the raid party matching.


The ongoing party matching will automatically be cancelled if you use other battle content, so please keep this in mind.


You'll receive an invitation message as shown in the image when the party matching is complete.

Tap the Accept Button to participate in the raid party, and wait for other Summoners that were matched in the party. 

If the Summoners that were matched into the same party decline to join or don't response, you will be redirected to perform another party matching.


When all Summoners accept to join the party, you will be moved to the raid party waiting screen to start the battle. With this new feature, you'll be able to use the Rift Raid content more comfortably.


Next, we'd like to talk about the improvements that will be made regarding the Rift Raid battles.


We really hope that the Rift Raid content will be played and challenged by more Summoners. With this hope, we've been monitoring the content continuously, and have prepared the following improvements along with the improvement mentioned above.


[Rift Raid] Level 1 ~ 4 Bosses' HP will be decreased.

- With this modification, the gameplay time of the target level bosses will be shortened.


[Rift Raid] Enchanted Gem & Grindstone reward will be modified in Level 5.

- The drop rate of Gem and Grindstone will be modified, allowing the users to acquire better Gems and Grindstones as a reward in Level 5.

: The drop rate of rare grade Gems and Grindstone will be decreased, and the drop rate of Hero/Legend Grades Gem and Grindstone will be increased.

The total drop rate of Gems and Grindstone won't be modified, but only the grade of the Gems and Grindstones that will be dropped as rewards will be increased.


[Rift Raid] Free Entrance Event will be held regularly.

- We'll be adding a Rift Raid Free Entrance Event into our regular event lists (Hall of Heroes, Trial of Ascension Free Entrance, Free Rune Removal, etc.) 

The time won't be overlapped with other events that we hold.


[ Rift Raid Free Entrance Event ]

- Saturday - Sunday (Second week of each month)

- 1st: 1pm - 2pm (1hr)

- 2nd: 10pm - 11pm (1hr)


We came up with this free entrance event in an attempt to less burden the Summoners as it consumes quite amount of Energy to enter the Rift Raid. We hope that more Summoners enjoy the Rift Raid content with this new event!


This is all we have for today's developer's note.

As we mentioned above, we do really hope that more users will find the Rift Raid content exciting with full of rewards. If there are other suggestions or feedbacks, please feel free to reach us at any time. 

We listen to all of your words and feedbacks given in various ways to ensure to maintain and improve the gameplay environment for all. 

In addition, we'll be monitoring the Rift Raid content continuously and come up with more improvement in the future. 


Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. 


We'd like to finish off the developer's note by sharing our team's recent state!

Next Update on Guilds could be Guild Boss


At this moment, the Summoners War team is working hard to prepare for this year's first major update. The first major update will be mainly about the guild content that all the Guild Members can enjoy and participate.

In addition, we are working on a variety of updates and improvements to help you get more benefits by joining the Guild and enjoying the guild content with them.


Please check out the related image of the first major update below!


We'll be back with another developer's note with more exciting and new change. Thanks!


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KainMH3 Profile Image
30 May 2018 14:11

So Raid 1-4 will now be easier and R5 will be more profitable.
Seems fair, as until now R5 rewards were pretty bad related to the dificulty increase from R4. So now the real problem for mid game players will be jumping from an easier R4 to a dificult R5.

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