Light Ifrit Update and Ancient Magic Shop

Light Ifrit Update and Ancient Magic Shop
News: Light Ifrit Update and Ancient Magic Shop

Summoners War has celebrated its 4th anniversary! This short but long journey wouldn't have been possible without your support.

We will try our best to keep improving the gameplay and add various types of exciting content.


(Long story short: they will finally release the Light Ifrit [note that skill descriptions and stats are not confirmed] )


Starting with this developer's note, we'll be discussing the new content in May and June including the Ancient Magic Shop and Rift Raid improvement.


Let's start off with some information of the Ancient Magic Shop, which will be introduced via next update, and the Rift Raid improvement which will be proceeded with the late May update.


New Ancient Magic Shop


- The Ancient Magic Shop, a new special shop will be added. You can enter the Ancient Magic Shop by going to the [Shop] - Special Tab.

You can use the [Ancient Coins], new in-game currency, to make various purchases.



Starting with an event that goes along with the update of the Ancient Magic Shop, you will be able to acquire Ancient Coins from events regularly. Also, the Ancient Coins that you acquire won't disappear even if the event ends.


Here are some of the items that you will be able to purchase with the Ancient Coins.


Ancient Magic Shop Items 


- What kind of items will be available in the Ancient Magic Shop?

: The following items will be available for purchase.


- Light Ifrit Summoning Piece

- Summoning Stone

- Reappraisal Stone

- 6* Legend Rune 


For the first time, we're introducing a place where you can acquire materials to summon [Light Ifrit].

Some of you may have seen the small thumbnail image of the Light Ifrit in the Monster Debate content along with its Awakened name.


Currently, Ifrit of 4 attributes (Fire, Water, Wind, and Dark) are being actively used in Summoners War. Especially, many users see completing the fusion of Dark Ifrit as the end of Summoners War's tutorial - meaning that the Dark Ifrit is one of the most essential Monsters for your gameplay.


We've been discussing how to differentiate the Light Ifrit from other Ifrits, and concluded that the Ancient Magic Shop is the right place to introduce the Light Ifrit that has been kept behind closed doors.


We know that you will have a lot of questions to ask about the Light Ifrit. We've tried to answer some of potential questions you might have below:


Q: How many Light Ifrit Summoning Pieces do I need to summon the Light Ifrit?

A: You need 100 Light Ifrit Summoning Pieces to summon.


Q: How long will it take to summon the Light Ifrit?

A: You can get 10 Summoning Pieces per purchase. You have to make 10 purchases to get 100 Summoning Pieces.


As we mentioned above, you need the Ancient Coins to purchase the Light Ifrit Summoning Pieces. Since you can only acquire the Ancient Coins from the events at this moment, you will need certain amount of time to summon the Light Ifrit.


Of course, the amount of time it takes to summon the Light Ifrit may vary because you'll get different amount of Ancient Coins depending on how much you participate in the events and how many missions you complete. We carefully predict that it will take at least a few months to summon the Light Ifrit for now.


We tried our best to design the Monster to be a unique and charming one so that we can make up for the time that you've waited, so please stay tuned.


The number of Ancient Coins required to purchase an item is as follows.



Q: Are there any other ways to acquire the Ancient Coins?

A: At this moment, you will be able to acquire the Ancient Coins only through events. However, we're also considering other ways to acquire the coins in the future.


We hope you are excited about the new Ancient Magic Shop! This new feature will be updated via the next version, and an exciting event where you can acquire the Ancient Coins will also be available. Please stay tuned!



In addition, we'd like to talk briefly about the Raid improvement that will be proceeded with the update at the end of May.


Have you ever waited for a member to join your party in the waiting screen or to join a party with the level of your choice? Have you ever hesitated to challenge the next level because of the strong boss Khi'zar Khajul?


In order to resolve these frustrations, the lower levels will be balanced and a raid party search feature will be added via the late May update. This improvement will be able to enhance the accessibility of the Raid content.


If you are registered to be in the raid party search feature with the level of your choice, you will be automatically matched to a party even if you are not waiting in the Raid menu but playing other non-battle content such as summoning and Rune power-up. With this feature, you won't have to wait in the Raid menu to join a team.


We're still very careful about sharing the details since the content is still under development, but we're trying to improve the Raid mode so that more Summoners can enjoy and challenge. 

We'll be sure to share the detailed info on the Raid improvement in the next developer's note.


This is all we have for today's developer's note!


Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change.


We've prepared a special photo for Summoners who want some extra. We hope this photo shows glimpse of the Light Ifrit that will be introduced in the game.


We'll be back with another developer's note soon!

Thank you.


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