New Monster and Fusion Recipe (Lightning Emperor)

New Monster and Fusion Recipe (Lightning Emperor)
News: New Monster and Fusion Recipe (Lightning Emperor)

Update: Read skills and stats for Lightning Emperor and Giant Warrior (also Knowledge effect details are available)


Com2Us has some good news, perhaps one of the things that you've all been waiting for, to introduce in this developer's note. Let's cut to the chase and get started

New Fusion Monster

A new Fusion Monster will be added to the game via next update

This 5 star Monster's name is [Lightning Emperor] with Fire attribute. Take a look at an image of the Monster below

I hope you're excited to fuse this stunning Monster as much as we are

Unlike other Monsters, Lightning Emperor has a special ability of his own. Let's take a peek at his skill details

Did you notice the new word [Knowledge] we used in the skill description?

Lightning Emperor can gain [Knowledge] through his passive ability, and use skills with acquired [Knowledge]

In this picture, you can see how it will be shown when the Monster gains Knowledge

As Fire Lightning Emperor gains more Knowledge, the [Start of Apocalypse] skill will have its attack times increased and he will also gain a special effect

Since Lightning Emperor eagerly desires to gain Knowledge, his power in the battles will be greatly increased as he gains Knowledge

Along with Fire Lightning Emperor, Lightning Emperor of other attributes will also perform skills with Knowledge

We're excited to see how this new Monster, Lightning Emperor, will perform in Summoners War

In addition, Fusion recipes of Fire Lightning Emperor, Fire Vampire (Verdehile) and Wind Magic Knight (Lupinus) will be added to the game.

Check out the details of each recipe below

This is all we have for today. We hope you are excited as we're to introduce this new content to all

Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. We ask for your kind understanding in advance

The content discussed in today's developer's note will be implemented to the game via the upcoming update

We'll be back with another exciting developer's note, so please stay tuned

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KainMH3 Profile Image
26 October 2018 16:27

So if I use Woosa (2 buffs) and Wedjat (2 buffs) and Galleon (1 buff) before him he can use S3 at max power in the first turn and hit ALL enemies with a 50%Damage DESTROY effect?. Seems to be quite OP, doesn´t he?

MDiToro Profile Image
26 October 2018 19:01

Looks great for me :P on PVE

alstonsliu Profile Image
02 November 2018 03:47

soooo close to getting it, just need to awaken!

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