Despair runes guide and suggested monsters

Despair rune

Despair rune effects

Gain a 25% chance to stun using skills that deal damage instantaneously (Multi-hit skills have a 25% chance to activate despair stuns on each hit)

Doesn’t work with skills that do not damage the enemy immediately (bombs) or does not deal damage (skills that only put weakening effect on the enemy).

Despair stun chance adds another roll if you use a skill with original stun chance.

Only immunity effect (or passive skill equivalent) can resist Despair stuns

Where to get Despair runes, drop and farming guide:

: 1-6 stars, farm B1-B4 at early game, B5-B7 at mid game and B8-B10 at late game. 6 star runes drop from B7

When should you buy an Despair rune at the Magic shop?

Buy only legendary and 6 star runes with good stats and substats, check out next paragraph for stat review.

Despair rune stats and substats review?

Look for speed and primary stats as substats in all runes and for even runes look at the following main stats suggestions:

Slot Main stat Description
2 SPD Optimal for crowd controllers
2 %HP Good for hp tanks
2 %ATK Situational for damage dealers
2 %DEF Situational for def tanks
4 %HP Optimal for crowd controller and hp tanks
4 %ATK Sell
4 %DEF Situational for def tanks
4 %Crit dmg Good for damage dealers
4 %Crit rate Sell
6 %HP Optimal for crowd controller and hp tanks
6 %ATK Situational for damage dealers
6 %DEF Situational for def tanks
6 %ACC Situational, can help achieve good accuracy
6 %RES Sell

Which monsters works with Despair runes

Despair runes are really useful on monsters like: multi target skill hitters
Here is also a couple of monster with the appropriate link to the detailed stats and review

Wind Pixie