Fight runes guide and suggested monsters

Fight rune

Fight rune effects

Increases the Attack Power of all allies by 7%

Stackable bonus: +14% Attack Power with 2 sets, +21% Attack Power with 3 sets.

Fight Rune set effect will be implemented according to the target’s stats and not the stats of the monster that’s equipped with the Fight Rune set.

Where to get Fight runes, drop and farming guide:

Fight runes can be acquired through the Craft System and players can collect the materials at the Rift Dungeon.

Fight rune stats and substats review?

If you use Fight runes on damage dealers, look for speed, %Crit damage, %Crit rate and primary stats as substats in all runes.

Which monsters works with Fight runes

Since Fight rune set effect works on all allies, you should focus on your main purpose as a team: having a good attack power is a great feature to have in context such as Arena Offense, Guild Battle Offense, Live Arena, World Boss fights and Raid Dungeon. Fight rune set effect works good if you have attack based damage dealers, bombers or attack based healers on your team, such as:

You can equip this rune set on every whatever monster you may like, even if it’s not a damage dealer, since the effect will be added to all the monsters on your team.