Guard runes guide and suggested monsters

Guard rune

Guard rune effects

Increase monster’s Defense, based on monster’s base Defense value.

Stackable bonus: +30% DEF with 2 sets, +45% DEF with 3 sets

Where to get Guard runes, drop and farming guide:

: 1-5 stars, farm normal mode at early-mid game, hard at mid game ad hell at mid-late game. 5 star drop at boss stage hell mode. No 6 star drop.

: 1-6 stars, farm B1-B4 at early game, B5-B7 at mid game and B8-B10 at late game. 6 star runes drop from B7

When should you buy an Guard rune at the Magic shop?

Buy only legendary and 6 star runes with good stats and substats, check out next paragraph for stat review.

Guard rune stats and substats review?

Look for %defense, speed and %HP stats as substats in all runes and for even runes look at the following main stats suggestions:

Slot Main stat Description
2 SPD Situationally good for tanks
2 %HP Good for tanks
2 %ATK Sell
2 %DEF Optimal for defense based damage dealer
4 %HP Situationally good for tanks
4 %ATK Sell
4 %DEF Good for defense based damage dealer and tanks
4 %Crit dmg Optimal for defense based damage dealer
4 %Crit rate Sell
6 %HP Situationally good for tanks
6 %ATK Sell
6 %DEF Optimal for defense based damage dealer
6 %ACC Sell
6 %RES Sell

Which monsters works with Guard runes

Guard runes are really useful on monsters like: tanks , defense based skill monsters
Here is also a couple of monster with the appropriate link to the detailed stats and review