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Reno the Water Dice Magician is a great nuker with AoE ignore defense skill in Summoners War.

Like all others Dice Magicians, his skills are based on RNG (Random Number Generator): whenever he attacks he rolls from two to four dice, depending on the skill used. 

The first skill grants two weakening effects based on the following list:

- result of one die is from 1 to 3 included = no effects applied on target;

- result of one die 4 = Unrecoverable for 2 turns;

- result of one die 5 = Decrease Defense for 2 turns;

- result of one die 6 = Increased chances of missing (glancing hit) for 2 turns.

Moreover Reno gains another turn if the 2 dice have the same result: 1 and 1, 2 and 2, and so on.

That means that he has 1/6 (16,67%) of chance of getting another turn with the first skill.

Reno's second skill (the same as his dark twin Monte) is an AoE attack with chance to randomly apply the same weakening effects as first skill: Unrecoverable state, Decrease Defense and Increased glancing hits. Also in this skill two dice are rolled: increasing the sum of the two numbers rolled, more effects are applied on targets. The probability of get a result is as follows:

- sum is 2 from 1+1, which means 1/36 = 3%

- sum is 3 from 1+2, 2+1, which means 2/36 = 6%

- sum is 4 from 1+3, 2+2, 3+1, which means 3/36 = 8%

- sum is 5 from 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, which means 4/36 = 11%

- sum is 6 from 1+5, 2+4, 3+3, 4+2, 5+1, which means 5/36 = 14%

- sum is 7 from 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1, which means 6/36 = 17%

- sum is 8 from 2+6, 3+5, 4+4, 5+3, 6+2, which means 5/36 = 14%

- sum is 9 from 3+6, 4+5, 5+4, 6+3, which means 4/36 = 11%

- sum is 10 from 4+6, 5+5, 6+4, which means 3/36 = 8%

- sum is 11 from 5+6, 6+5, which means 2/36 = 6%

- sum is 12 from 6+6, which means 1/36 = 3%

Getting a higher sum, grants more effects on targets. Additionally, just like the first skill, getting the same result with the two dice grants another turn (16,67%).

Compared to Brownie Magicians (like Orion), Dice Magicians have lower chance of getting another turn on first skill, but also the second skill can make them gain another turn.

Finally, the third skill is the second skill (the first one is Lushen's third skill Amputation Magic) in the game that (can) deal damage ignoring defense to all enemies: it hits all enemies four times and if a dice rolls the same result as one dice before, that attack will ignore defense. Moreover the damage icreases as the number rolled increases.

The results of the dice rolled, in order to ignore defense, they do not have to be one after another. It is enough if any number appears twice or more, no matter which dice.

So the probability of getting ignoring defense damage is as follows:

- Chance of all 3 proc: (1/6)3 = 0.5%;

- Chance of at least 2 proc: 1-0.277(chance of no proc) -0.625(chance of exactly 1 proc) = 9.8%;

- Chance of at least 1 proc: 1- 0.277 = 72.3%;

- Chance of NO proc ignore defense: (5/6)(4/6)(3/6)= 27.7%.

It's a pretty good chance of getting at least one ignore defense damage.

Reno is good for ToA on a Despair build since he has two AoE skills plus AoE increase glancing hits (which is good for higher level of Trial of Ascension) and in Raid Battle on Revenge runes for his first skill (all three effects are good against Raid boss battle)

And of course Reno is good in PvP, because with his third skill can be a really good substitute for Lushen in offense: additionally can be very good for players that rely on double Lushen teams, since Reno is water element, making him a viable solution to nuke Kumar, Rakan or other fire tank based teams in Arena.

Reno rune build

Violent attacker: Violent/Blade or Violent/Fight - SPD / %Crit dmg / %ATK or %ATK / %Crit dmg / %ATK 

Crowd Control: Despair/Focus or Despair/Accuracy - SPD / %HP / %HP or SPD / %Crit dmg / %ATK

AoE Nuker: Rage/Blade or Fatal/Blade - SPD / %Crit dmg / %ATK or %ATK / %Crit dmg / %ATK

Revenge build: Rage/Revenge or Violent/Revenge  - SPD / %Crit dmg / %ATK or %ATK / %Crit dmg / %ATK

All builds with SPD, %Crit rate, % ATK as main substats.



In-depth stats about Reno could be retrieved on SWARFARM

Reno (Water Reno) Further Informations

Reno (Water ) Reno
  • Rating by users: 4.02 / 5 based on 184 reviews

    Monster Type: attack

Speed CRI Rate CRI Dmg Resistance Accuracy
% % % %

Reno ( water) awakening materials:

Awakening bonus:

Description, multipliers, cooltime and powerup of Reno's skills

Reno Roll Dice Roll Dice
190% x2
Rolls 2 dice to attack the enemy target 2 times and grants an effect according to each number you get for 2 turns as follows; 4: Unrecoverable, 5: Decrease DEF, 6: Increased chances of missing. Instantly gains another turn if you get the same number.
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
Reno Dice Trick Dice Trick
Rolls 2 dice to attack all enemies and randomly grants Unrecoverable, Decrease DEF, Increased chances of missing Effects for 2 turns. More effects will be granted as the sum of the numbers increases. Instantly gains another turn if you get the same number. (Reusable in 4 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1
Reno Dice Madness Dice Madness
(DICE * 10 + 70)% x4
Rolls the dice 4 times to attack all enemies. The larger the number of dice, the greater the damage. If the number is the same as the previous number, the attacks ignores the enemy's defense. (Reusable in 5 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Cooltime Turn -1
Reno Leader Skill Leader Skill:
Increases the Critical Rate of ally monsters in the Arena by 24%.

Youtube Videos featuring Reno

Water dice magician
First look on water dice magician by JewBagel

How to get Water in Summoners War

You can obtain from Mystical Scroll , Temple of Wishes , Mystical Summon (Crystals) , Legendary Scroll , Water Scroll

How many Devilmon to max skill-up Reno?

12 Devilmons/Other are needed to power up all the skills of Reno (Water )

Reno skills Buffs and Debuffs

Decrease DEF Summoners War Decrease DEF - Roll Dice
Unrecoverable Summoners War Unrecoverable - Roll Dice
Decrease DEF Summoners War Decrease DEF - Dice Trick
Unrecoverable Summoners War Unrecoverable - Dice Trick

Mininum and maximum stats for any level of Reno

Form Stars Attack Defense Hp

Min: 248

Max: 422

Min: 189

Max: 321

Min: 2,880

Max: 4,905


Min: 337

Max: 573

Min: 257

Max: 436

Min: 3,915

Max: 6,660


Min: 459

Max: 780

Min: 349

Max: 593

Min: 5,325

Max: 9,060


Min: 220

Max: 374

Min: 178

Max: 303

Min: 2,670

Max: 4,545


Min: 299

Max: 509

Min: 242

Max: 412

Min: 3,630

Max: 6,180


Min: 407

Max: 692

Min: 329

Max: 560

Min: 4,935

Max: 8,400

Reno Water Rating in PVP and PVE

Dungeon ( 4 / 5 )
Arena Defense ( 4.1 / 5 )
Arena Offense ( 4.1 / 5 )
Guild War Offense ( 3.8 / 5 )
Guild War Defense ( 4 / 5 )
ToA ( 4.1 / 5 )
Raid Battle ( 3.9 / 5 )
Farming ( 4.1 / 5 )

Your opinions

bestsummoner Profile Image
29 November 2016 21:23
Got him today! Great review helped me a lot on understanding this new mob
KainMH3 Profile Image
28 May 2017 11:12
Well, this monster in incredibly fun to use. It´s quite unpredictable as all what he does is RNG based, and can be a real game changer in PVP. The only important drawback of Reno is that you will have to choose one build that will not be perfect for all tasks. Mainly you can use him for PVP, ToAH, Raid and Fire Rift. If you want him for PvP and ToAH i higly recomend the DESPAIR build (Spd/Cr Dam/ATK) as he can be an amazing CC monster with 2AoE + built in extra turns. However, if you want him for PvE Raid and Rift, VIOLENT build is the right one as extra turns will mean extra damage+faster cooldowns. Of course you can also use this VIOLENT build PvP, but it´s not so annoying as the DESPAIR one. A violent Reno is one of the best debuffers in the game. Do not underestimate him as foe or ally, cause his debuffs + Ignore Def damage can change the tide of a battle. Think on him as a mix of Lushen and Orion, then you will know he´s really dangerous.
KainMH3 Profile Image
04 June 2017 11:06
6*ed mine and tested in Fire Beast Rift. Took my auto result from A- to A+. Impressive performance even when he´s totally unskilled. So I may say this monster is a remarkable option for the Fire Beast Rift farming, much better than Sigmarus or Julie.
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