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Sabrina (Water Boomerang Warrior) is a good damage dealer in Summoners War with some unique features. Boomerang Warriors, if paired with Chackram Dancers, they’ll attack together with first skill.

Sabrina’s first skill breaks defense like other Boomerang Warriors: being a water element monster, she is good against fire monsters, so you can use her against some Khmun+Racuni defenses in Guild War or some Chloe in Arena.

The second skill of this monster attacks the enemy 3 times, each attack has 50% chance to break defense and attack power and has also 100% chance to disturb HP recovery.

Her third skill is a passive one that makes her receive 35% less damage if she’s targeted by monsters with beneficial effect and inflicts 35% more damage on enemies with no beneficial effects. Chackram Dancers in team with Sabrina are granted the same effect.

Sabrina is very good to use in PvP, especially if paired with some debuffer, like Belladeon, Lisa or Dark Chackram Dancer Belita. She can do quite a lot of damage and in Siege Battle can be used to shot even tanky monsters on 4 star bases like Bulldozer. Against Imesety, Bulldozer, Copper defences she can be useful thanks to her passive and if you build her with at least 25K HP she can withstand Copper’s Third skill alone.

She can be used as a nuker in Dragon dungeon, but here she works good if there’s a solid debuffer.

Sabrina Suggested Runes 

PvP: Violent/Revenge or Violent/Will – %ATK  / %Crit dmg / %HP or %ATK / %Crit Dmg / %ATK with speed, crit rate, %hp, %attack substats

PvE: Violent/Revenge -%ATK  / %Crit dmg / %HP or %ATK / %Crit Dmg / %ATK with speed, crit rate, %hp, %attack substats

In-depth stats about Sabrina could be retrieved on SWARFARM

Sabrina (Water Sabrina) Further Informations

Sabrina (Water ) Sabrina
  • Rating by users: 4.26 / 5 based on 120 reviews

    Monster Type: attack

Speed CRI Rate CRI Dmg Resistance Accuracy
% % % %

Sabrina ( water) awakening materials:

Awakening bonus:

Description, multipliers, cooltime and powerup of Sabrina's skills

Sabrina Leader Skill Leader Skill:
Increases the Accuracy of ally monsters in Guild Content by 40%.
Sabrina Returning Boomerang Returning Boomerang
Attacks the enemy to decrease the Defense for 1 turn with a 50% chance. Additionally, if there's Chakram Dancer included in the team, one of Boomerang Warriors will attack together with Chakram Dancer during Chakram Dancer's turn.
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Damage +15%
  • Lv.7 Harmful Effect Rate +15%
Sabrina Triple Strike Triple Strike
180% x3
Attacks the enemy 3 times to decrease the Defense and Attack Power for 1 turn with a 50% chance each and disturbs the HP recovery. (Reusable in 3 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Cooltime Turn -1
Sabrina Female Warrior (Passive) Female Warrior (Passive)
Receives 20% less damage from enemies granted with beneficial effects and inflicts 20% more damage on enemies with no beneficial effects. Chakram Dancer will be granted with the same effect if she's included in the ally team. [Automatic Effect]

How to get Water in Summoners War

You can obtain from Mystical Scroll , Water Scroll , Legendary Scroll , Temple of Wishes

How many Devilmon to max skill-up Sabrina?

11 Devilmons/Other are needed to power up all the skills of Sabrina (Water )

Mininum and maximum stats for any level of Sabrina

Form Stars Attack Defense Hp

Min: 248

Max: 422

Min: 189

Max: 321

Min: 2,880

Max: 4,905


Min: 337

Max: 573

Min: 257

Max: 436

Min: 3,915

Max: 6,660


Min: 459

Max: 780

Min: 349

Max: 593

Min: 5,325

Max: 9,060


Min: 223

Max: 380

Min: 175

Max: 297

Min: 2,670

Max: 4,545


Min: 304

Max: 517

Min: 238

Max: 404

Min: 3,630

Max: 6,180


Min: 413

Max: 703

Min: 323

Max: 549

Min: 4,935

Max: 8,400

Sabrina Water Rating in PVP and PVE

Dungeon ( 4.4 / 5 )
Arena Defense ( 3.8 / 5 )
Arena Offense ( 4.8 / 5 )
Guild War Offense ( 4.8 / 5 )
Guild War Defense ( 4.8 / 5 )
ToA ( 3.9 / 5 )
Raid Battle ( 3.9 / 5 )
Farming ( 3.6 / 5 )

Your opinions

KainMH3 Profile Image
07 April 2018 18:01



1.- Double attack it´s triggered with any skill. Even when it´s S1 the one that mentions that both units attack together, they do it with any skill use, so any time one of them uses any of their skills, the other will perform an attack too. This effect cannot be oblivioned or cancelled in any way, except stunning, freezing or sleeping one of them.


2.- Double attack is performed in speed order. So regardless of who is attacking, the faster of the two units will always attack first. This is very important because Boomerang warriors have a Def break debuff in S1, so they should always be faster than the Chakrams (except maybe for Shaina that also have a permanent Def break on all attacks).


3.- Revenge runes do NOT trigger the twin attack. So, if any of the units revenge, she will do it alone. Note that if one of the units (or both) has a passive skill shared, the effect is not always used, as some passives are only triggered when performing a double attack. So Revenge runes are not a must on these units, although they are still usefull like in any other monster.


4.- Violent runes are a must. At least in one of them, because every proc means two attacks, so believe me: Violent effect is really OP here. However, depending on the needs, one of the units can be runed all attack with Rage and the other fast Violent and also make a powerful combo.


5.- Passive skills are shared. So Booomerangs and Chakrams with passives share the skill effects, making them more powerful. Example: Using toghether Sabrina and Shaina will mean that Shaina will do more damage to enemies with no beneficial effects and will recibe less damage from enemies with beneficial efects. Meanwhile, Sabrina will get a 15% ATB reduction effect in every attack (but not when revenging).

KainMH3 Profile Image
07 April 2018 18:14

This unit is a very good nuker that can deal tons of damage and still have some sustain due to her passive.
Sabrina can perform devastating attacks with S2 if the enemy is unbuffed, so bringing any defuffer faster than her is always a good idea. As she is a single target nuker, a faster Cichlid in example, will give her a fast and easy kill.

Her passive is very interesting, and the point that is shared with Chakrams in the same team makes it a very nice support bor both two units.
Concerning runes, I´m using her with ATK/CrDam/ATK Violent set, but maybe I´ll try SPD on position 2 if I can get a proper rune for it.
Awesome performance in NB10 along with any Chackram. Since I use her with Shaina, my best time has dropped by nearly 20 seconds and the average run is now more than 30 seconds faster and 100% safe. And both of them are still unskilled!

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