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Lagmaron (Wind Chimera) is a one man band monster. Is good for PvP offence and a very good farmer as it can solo Hydeni ruins hell in less than 1 minute. His second skill make him a really good nuker especially if spd buffed and max skilled (cooldown is only 2 turns).

Lagmaron in Arena Offense and GWO

Third skill of the Wind Chimera is the real deal, its an AoE hitter with a huge multiplier that scales on Speed and gave a very good chance to stun the target, this makes lagmaron a great unit to be in a Cleave Team. 

A good example for Arena its Alicia (L) + Lagmaron + Galleon + Tiana
Once tiana and galleon stripped and def breaked the whole team, lagmaron has to fire his third skill to soften the HPs of the enemies, here it's good to have lot of accuracy especially against with nemesis healers, because it will stun them with 75% chance. Alicia goes for last with lot of crit rate / crit damage and attack, she has to kill at least one unit so that she gains another turn to use her 2nd skill (that scales on enemy's speed!)

If you're not high in arena you can use Lagmaron in more obtainable combos with galleons and bernard and try to outspeed the enemy team.

In guild war offense combos are like the AO one but more versatile, and generally goes for Galleon + Lagmaron + Stripper or Gemini + Lagmaron + ATK bar booster

- Galleon (L) + Lagmaron + Praha/Juno/Tiana [...]
- Gemini (L) + Lagmaron + Orion

Wind Chimera in GB10

Another special place for Lagmaron can be found in Giant Dungeon, due to his elemental advantage against the Water Giant he plays a great role in Crowd Control and/or cleave out floor with his third skill, and in atk break the boss while Squalling him to death when def breaked.

< 40 Second tested team:

Lushen (L), Ethna/Teshar/Lushen, Lagmaron, Galleon, Tarq (Water Hellhound)

Other contents

You can use Lagmaron everywhere you need a Wind Nuker even SIngle or multi target, for ex. against Water Raid Beast or TOA (1 to 100) in fast clear, even in lot of Labyrinth's Stages

Lagmaron Suggested Runes

- Early Game: Swift/Blade (Spd/Cdmg%/Atk%)
- Speedy PVP Nuker: Swift/Will (Atk%/CDmg%/Atk%) - Speed needs to reach at least 200 with sub properties and >50% Accuracy
- PVE: Violent/Broken (Atk%/Cdmg%/Atk%) with speed and crit rate substats

In-depth stats about Lagmaron could be retrieved on SWARFARM

Lagmaron (Wind Lagmaron) Further Informations

Lagmaron (Wind ) Lagmaron
  • Rating by users: 4.16 / 5 based on 94 reviews

    Monster Type: attack

Speed CRI Rate CRI Dmg Resistance Accuracy
% % % %

Lagmaron ( wind) awakening materials:

Awakening bonus:

Description, multipliers, cooltime and powerup of Lagmaron's skills

Lagmaron Leader Skill Leader Skill:
Increases the HP of ally monsters with Wind attribute by 50%.
Lagmaron Trample Trample
Pins down the enemy and inflicts Continuous Damage for 1 turn.
  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
Lagmaron Squall Squall
The faster your Attack Speed, the greater the damage becomes. Attack Speed is increased for 2 turns if you get a Critical Hit. (Reusable in 3 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Cooltime Turn -1
Lagmaron Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Attacks all enemies to inflict damage proportionate to your Attack Speed. Weakens their Attack Power for 2 turns and stuns them for 1 turn with a 75% chance. (Reusable in 5 turns)
  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Cooltime Turn -1

Youtube Videos featuring Lagmaron

Test after 3rd kill Buff

How to get Wind in Summoners War

You can obtain from Mystical Scroll , Mystical Summon (Crystals) , Wind Scroll , Legendary Scroll , Temple of Wishes

How many Devilmon to max skill-up Lagmaron?

10 Devilmons/Other are needed to power up all the skills of Lagmaron (Wind )

Lagmaron skills Buffs and Debuffs

Continuous DMG Summoners War Continuous DMG - Trample
Increase ATK SPD Summoners War Increase ATK SPD - Squall
Stun Summoners War Stun - Lightning Strike

Mininum and maximum stats for any level of Lagmaron

Form Stars Attack Defense Hp

Min: 347

Max: 589

Min: 247

Max: 420

Min: 4,995

Max: 8,475


Min: 471

Max: 801

Min: 336

Max: 571

Min: 6,780

Max: 11,535


Min: 271

Max: 460

Min: 252

Max: 428

Min: 4,995

Max: 8,475


Min: 368

Max: 626

Min: 342

Max: 582

Min: 6,780

Max: 11,535

Lagmaron Wind Rating in PVP and PVE

Dungeon ( 4.5 / 5 )
Arena Defense ( 4.1 / 5 )
Arena Offense ( 4.4 / 5 )
Guild War Offense ( 3.9 / 5 )
Guild War Defense ( 3.7 / 5 )
ToA ( 4.2 / 5 )
Raid Battle ( 4.1 / 5 )
Farming ( 4.4 / 5 )

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alstonsliu Profile Image
14 October 2017 01:55
GOT IT ON MY 14th mystical scroll!!! nice attack monster
alstonsliu Profile Image
23 October 2017 03:54
Nice AOE stun
Malkantis Profile Image
08 October 2018 08:06

I love my Lag, He is one of the monsters I use in everything. Work his Spd, Acc and C-Rate as high as you can. I will be going Vio soon,after I get them.. lol not sure about the other ATM but we'll see,

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